Fun thing to do when playing with lower level people

Alright, I was playing with my friends who were level 50, with my OP8 Maya. So I had thought lock, sub-sequence maxed, suspension maxed, quicken maxed, converge, and Ruin. What that does is your phase lock 1 shots level 40-50 enemies, so the phase lock would attach to someone, drag everyone close, slag,corrode,and electrocutes all of them, kill them instantly, then attach to someone else, and do that again over and over. It was the funniest thing to watch; I was clearing tons of enemies with one phase lock. Also, I used thought lock so the phase lock can quickly attach to them and not waste time bringing the enemy into the air (which they die instantly anyways). Idk, It’s just something fun to do while helping your friend out without wasting ammo

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Scenarios like this is what the Infinity was made for- power level friends while not wasting ammo (and possibly knocking out BAR challenges…) :sunglasses:

Exactly! try this out, it’s funny lol. I was killing 20 guys with one phase lock, then killing the boss with an infinity pistol in seconds.