Fun with math! Thorn's crit multiplier and other goodies

(Deandes in crime ) #21

I have no idea about anything that has to do with thorn as I haven’t played her in…8 months? something long like that. None the less I get the math, and I am thrilled that people find use in the work I do. I wish you the best of luck in your thorn endeavours my friend, as math can sometimes be rage inducing.

(The MONTANA!!) #22

I recently got a bolas, and tested it on thorn against a bot ghalt. After hitting him with a cursed target while he was cursed, made him take more damage. The first tick of bleed damage will also proc the legendary effect. The first tick did 10 damage, and every tick after that did 11. It is probably safe to assume that the shield web is effected the same way.
Now to farm for another bolas, cause I got a 7.96% on primary rather than a 9.1% hopefully I can get a little bit of a better roll on the next one I get.