Fun with Mutator Synergies

Thought I would start a thread where people could post interesting/powerful combinations of gear, build, and mutator modifiers; game-tested or theoretical.

I was farming the mutator with my level 65 cryo/crit Aurelia and someone dropped a level 66 cryo Proletarian Revolution, which I’m really looking forward to trying out with the increased mag size and the increased crit damage from pistols mods.

So, for example:

Build: Cryo/Crit Aurelia
Gear: Cryo Proletarian Revolution
Mutator One: Increased Mag Size
Mutator Two: Increased Crit Damage From Pistols

Have at it!

Don’t use increased mag size w/ revolution.

It adds ammo overtime for your magazine. So if you wait a minute or 2 before starting the arena, you’ll have like 200 rounds in the magazine.

I usually pick the mutators that have a chance for glitch weapons and adjust my loadout accordingly (if needed). Example – pull out corrode immune shield for the green boots, use Chronicler (with Jack) + cryo + a Ravager for Torgue weapons, get Slam – use my Jack mod that boosts slam, maybe cryo grenades & explosive slam, etc. (been playing Jack a lot lately!) Adds a fun challenge plus makes me test out different combos of gear.

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[quote=“CDR_Shepard, post:3, topic:351715”]pull out corrode immune shield for the green boots
[/quote]Does that work?

My favorite (out of an incomplete sample set) is half gravity with enhanced slam damage. I gave Wilhelm an explosive Juggernaut kit with a class mod that boosted slam damage (probably not necessary at this point), equipped the Fridgia, and played Claptrap’s rubber-duck style.

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[quote=“Adabiviak, post:4, topic:351715”]
Does that work? [/quote]
Most of the time an akaline immune Tediore I have does help with the green boots.

Jack’s health regen skills can counter the Bloodsucking mutator as well.