FunnelCakeFrank's Legendary concessions, and updated

Welcome, I am looking for a Bloodletter Classmod, a Transformer annointed with action skill cool down, annointed baby makers, annointed flakkers, purple tediore weapons with 5 homing mirvs, annointed Butchers, and phasecast annointed versions of Laser-Sploders and other solid guns. I’m also interested in Phasezerker class Mods and well other solid class Mods depending on the rolls just tell me or send pics of the stats

What I have to offer (If you would like any specific stats not listed please ask):

Assault Rifles:
DP Shredded Laser Sploder (shock annointed)
DP Potent Laser Sploder (radiation annointed)
Gratifying Laser Sploder (fire annointed 3 different annointed ones so feel free to ask about them)
Gratifying Laser Sploder (caustic) looking for an annointed one
Lucian’s Call (fire, annointed ASE next 2 mags 50% additional radiation dmg)
Lucian’s Call (cryo) and
Breath of the Dying (caustic)
Molten the Dictator (fire)

Handsome Jackhammer (fire, non elemental, cryo)
Defrauding Crossroad (caustic)
Cash Infused Crossroad (shock)
Binary Mocking Devoted (cryo and radiation)
Binary Stark Devoted (Cryo and corrosive)
Express Fire Sale Musket ++(annointed, ASE next 2 mags additional radiation)

Maxxed out Babymaker ++
Double Penetrating Devastator (annointed phaseslam 300)
Dastardly Maggie (annointed ASE next 2 mags 50% additional shock damage)
Infinity pistol (caustic, shock, non-elemental)
The Duc (2285 dmg, +21%crit, +15% reload, +100 splash radius)
The Companion (fire)

Molten Vicious Lyuda (annointed ASE 125% dmg to badass…)
Resolute Lyuda (annointed Phasecast 250% weapon dmg)
True Monocle
Vicious Lyuda

Redundant Brainstormer (shock, annointed ASE fire rate +11% reload speed +26%)
Flakker (annointed ASE 100% damage)
One Pump Chump (annointed phaseslam weapon dmg 300%)
Speedloadin Hellwalker (annointed Phasecast weapon damage 250%)
Auditing the Butcher (cryo)
Subsidized the Butcher (shock)
Holistic the Butcher (kinetic)

Rocket Launchers:
Ruby’s Wrath
Unshippable Foreman

Class Mods:
TEMP Spectral Phasezerker (+45% atlas weap crit, +20% corrosive resist, +24% mag size)
Primordial Phasezerker (
Shady Sonic Boom Infiltrator (31% sniper dmg, +5 grenades, +50% maliwan weapon accuracy)

Armory Whisky Tango Foxtrot (annointed phaseslam dmg taken reduces by 20% movement increased 12%)
Featherweight Rough Rider (+10% movement, +80% melee damage, radiation resistance)
Rough Rider (20% shock resistance)
Rough Rider (13% cryo resistance)

Knife Drain Deathless
Last Stand Deathless
Elemental Projector Deathless x2
Elemental Projector Victory Rush
Last Stand Loaded Dice (+12.67 luck)
Loot expanding Loaded Dice (+12.67 luck and 21% action cool down)
Rear Ended Loaded Dice

Recurring Hex (cryo, shock, and radiation)
Storm Front (annointed)
MIRV Widowmaker

Also feel free to message me on Xbox GT FunnelCakeFrank

Have several laser sploders in different elements. Interested in your phasezerker mods.

XBL o Hired Gun o

Sent you a message on xbox


DP Pneumatic [Caustic]
DP Shredded [Shock, Annointed: On ASE next 2 mags 50% additional bonus Rad dmg.
DP Shredded [Cryo, Annointed: On ASE projectile speed increased 100%]

Recuring [Cryo, Annointed: 1 nade regen on ASS]
Recuring [Shock]

What are you looking for?

Lucians call fire and the annointed fire laser sploder?

Yeah I’ll do that for the annointed DP shock sploder and the recurring shock hex

Done. GT: The d3adpupp3t

Thanks, list has been updated for new wants and available

Interested in the recurring shock hex, have an anointed laser sploder rad on hand for trade.

That’s a deal, invite me when ready to trade GT: FunnelCakeFrank

Would you take an annointed recurring hex cryo grenade to a rad recurring hex?

Yeah that’s a deal invite when ready

Do you happen to have a Boo SMG?

No, but I do have that quest available on my TVHM playthrough. I can get one

Item sent.

Also sent


Updated wants and online for an hour or so