FunnelCakeFrank's Legendary concessions, and updated

Interested in Recurring Hex [Rad], and Elemental Projector Victory Rush. If you have any Moze blast master mods, am interested

Yeah that’s a deal. I’m about to leave though so I’m just going to send the items to you via mail. Feel free to do the same at your convenience.

Youve got it

can i trade you something for the featherweight rough rider?

What do you have to offer. I also am at work and won’t be home until midnight central time if that’s ok

annexed vicious lyuda, 804x2 dmg, anointed action skill end weapon dmg increase. i have a very good collection. if you cant find something you want id be surprised. but yea im on the Atlantic time zone, ill be sleeping by then, add my gamertag RaXn


I have the loaded dice with +luck and annointed flakkers. Interested in your annointed hellwalker and possibly the phasecast lyuda (is it kinetic or an element?)
Is the annointment on your caustic G Laser Sploder on ASE next 2 mags deal 50% bonus fire?

The Lyuda is kinetic and unfortunately the caustic laser sploders isn’t annointed

I’m interested in both phasecast guns you have. Lyuda and hellwalker.

I have you may want.

  1. Fire laser sploder with 250% after Phasecast
  2. Recurring Hex Ice annointed with +1 grenade with SA
  3. Phasezerker mode with +25% all weapon dmg.

My GT is EPACALYPSE, would be cool to trade.

I have that recurring hex I just probably didn’t list it, however I’m interested in the laser Sploder and the Phasezerker mod for sure. I’ll even give you all four for those two but I’m currently at work until midnight central time. However if you want to mail me those two things I will definitely mail you those 4 guns when I get home. My GT is the same as my username. If you would prefer to wait until I’m on or until I mail them to you first that’s fine as well.

Sounds good. Will send them later this evening.

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I have Last Stand Deathless. Will trade for Anointed Lucian’s. I’m also on the hunt for a Zen Re-Charger shield if you might have one of those. Let me know what you think, I’m sure we can work something out.

I’ll do the last stand Deathless for the annointed Lucian’s Call but will be at work until midnight. I’m sure we can work something out. If you want to mail it to me or wait until then to trade in person. Just let me know

I’ll be in bed by then but I will leave it in your mail box in good faith. My GT is Thang Hung.

I’ll send that over as soon as I get home

I could uses these -
DP Potent Laser Sploder (radiation annointed)
Hostile Bitch (fire)
Molten Vicious Lyuda (annointed ASE 125% dmg to badass…)
any great Otto Idol with solid stats

Gt- xCaliburxxx

Do you have anything I’m looking for or anything interesting

Interested in your annointed fire lucians call and infiltrator mod. Have a few things on your list. Will have to see if they’re annointed or not. I have a few annointed laser sploders. Have 4 all f 4 characters maxed loaded with legendaries if there’s anything else your looking for.

o Hired Gun o

Any of these interest you? I’m after your Shock or Fire annointed lasersploder, or annointed flakker.