Funnest Character to take from 50-70?

Ok guys, Ive got Wilhelm and Clappy at 53, Jack at 52, Athena and Nisha at 50, and Aurelia at 60.

I want to take ONE character up to 70 to mess around some and then take a TPS break for either BL2 Zero (again) playthrough or another character in BL1. Or possibly a whole new game of some sort for a while.

I know a lot of this is personal opinion, but who is the most ENTERTAINING and, dare I say, easiest, character to bring to max level?

Im thinking Nisha because I rushed getting her to 50 by doing a bunch of over-levelled co-op and because i know combat will be the easiest with her.

I kmow Aurelia is at 60 already bur bosses can be tougher with her.

And yes, i know that with whatever character i choose, im going to have to do a bunch of 1st mission repeating or other monotonous grinding to get to 70.

So what do you guys think?


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Clap or Nisha would get my vote. They are the 2 I got to 70. Nisha makes farming different bosses at 70 very easy if you want to farm a bunch of max level gear.

And Claptrap is just fun.

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Nisha’s action skill tends to get repetitive over time but she might be the easiest overall. You’ll probably have to reset UHVM around level 65 once you run out of missions. That’s the spot I’m finding myself in at the moment. Finding/grinding decent guns at your level will also be a challenge at times.

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[quote=“FlamesForAll, post:1, topic:375004”]
the most ENTERTAINING and, dare I say, easiest, character to bring to max level?[/quote]

Claptrap – entertaining (funny) & OP with the Sapper com. I mean, all of them do OK mobbing but Claptrap’s very good at boss battles. I mean, I have all 6 to level 70 but I have THREE Claptraps @70 and another @61 – just because he’s so fun!

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I took Willy to 70 and had just a ton of fun with him. He’s the one character who can actually get something out of all 3 capstones; even though Vengeance Cannon isn’t particularly powerful in UVHM, it’s still really fun. Plus, if you go down the left hand tree, you can essentially let Wolf clear out one area while you clear out another one and double your efficiency.

Or you can buff up Saint and grab Overcharge, which gives you bonus movement speed and ammo regen, among other things, so that’s pretty nice. I dunno. I like Wilhelm a lot.

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Athena because I like her playstyle.

Claptrap because he’s fun.

Nisha because she’s OP and good for farming gear.

Jack because he’s fun.

Aurelia too, but only if you like glass cannons.

Wilhelm is fun, but he’s a bit hard to get to L/70.


Jack you get to literally be invincible and have godly dps just because your action skills die all the time