Funniest/Dumbest deaths on Hardcore?

I’m sure we’ve all been farming legendaries since the increase in drop rate and even though we don’t know specifics I’ve been farming on Hardcore just because it is “supposed” to give a better rate (I haven’t noticed a difference Non-Hardcore or Hardcore). With all these matches I’ve been playing I’ve had my fair share of stupid deaths that have just all about made me stop playing for the rest of the day because it was so stupid of me. Here are mine:

  1. You know in Saboteur after the first Defend point? You take a lift up and to the left there is a little island that sometimes has a chest on it. Well I was playing as Kleese and didn’t realize I had picked up a speed boost. I ran and jumped off the ledge and hoovered WAYYYYY past the island and since his flight mechanics are a bit wonky I couldn’t reverse fast enough and didn’t have enough battle chair power to safely make it back so I fell to my death

  2. Just happened today and it made me sigh a really long sigh. I’m farming The Sentinel for a max stat Vyn Quiver and you know sometimes how you have to run to jump pads? So I’m at the place where you jump pad right before Vyn. I don’t know why but I had got something in my eye and kept running towards the pad. I thought I was running straight for it. By the time I finish rubbing my eye and look back at the screen it said I died so I guess I must have missed the jump pad and fell off the edge to my death.

What are yours?

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[quote=“pumkin1988, post:1, topic:1540560, full:true”]What are yours?

2 person hardcore Sentinel run. We killed Guardian Vyn right after he used his pull. We were pulled to him only to have him fade away (because he died) and have the inertia of the pull catapult us both over the side. Dumbest. Deaths. Ever.


Oh I had one more but it wasn’t too dumb. Just made me laugh really hard

I was in a 5 man PVE and I believe we were doing Void’s Edge. It was during the last boss where the Conservator or w/e its name is - Spawns lots of high-tier Varelsi

So we are 5 man PVE team with 0 lives left. One of our allies from something so someone goes to revive him. Then THAT ally dies. So another person goes to revive those 2 people and HE EVEN dies. So with 0 lives I try and save them. I remember I had some AoE move so I use it to buy me some time but sadly I also die.

So the 4 of us are dead and I’m watching the last guy on screen run towards our bodies but then a massive wave of enemies guard our bodies and he runs back. Then scaven and Hunters are after him and he is running like mad doing loops all over the map trying to run away LOL

This went on for about 5 minutes of him running around. We were praying and cheering him on but sadly something got him before he could kill the boss. All in all it was a good party and we were in a good mood. It was a fun game

from what @lowlines (iirc) has datamined, hardcore makes no difference. only normal/advanced.

Solo hardcore voids edge, had some loadout with a 0cost sprint speed on isic, started the mission activated the 0 cost, ran, jumped, plasma dashed down the hill. But I was moving too quick, the avalanche/landslide from Nova not being able to fly knocked me off the ledge as it fell… game over in 30seconds lol.


Similar story except with Montana and it happened on both Algorithm and Void.

On Algorithm, I was above the 1st checkpoint at the other end of the 1st bridge. Jumped off the top and hit dash for a movement boost and it sent me flying clear off the map.

On Void, I was on my way to pop the chest behind the 1st checkpoint, jumped off the 1st set of stairs and accidentally bumped the Dash, again sailing off the level into a FAIL.

For some reason, Montana gets some kind of crazy boost when dashing while transitioning from high ground to low ground. It’s caused me countless avoidable deaths.

Also, every time I F…L…O…A…T off a map with Kleese I feel like an ass… :smile:

The Archive with Thorn for her lore challenge (advanced hardcore). Just after waking Chronicle I ran through the door to kill the first wave, and did, then proceeded to casually jump over a ledge which turned out to have a sheer drop on the other side… Woops :confused:

At least ONE difference between hardcore and normal–no extra lives in containers, means more of whatever else. And since the majority of ‘whatever else’ is credits and match score, well, 2 + 2 = …

Just sayin’, and not really out to be a jerk and troubleshoot. Just wanted to point that little tidbit out.

Dumbest death on hardcore so far? ONLY one (I’m like less than two weeks in, so you’ll have to forgive that). First attempt at Void’s Edge hardcore/normal with Whiskey Foxtrot. Solo. Get ALL THE WAY to the Conservator fight. Last stage, just killed the last of the shield-thingy Varelsi. Coming down the stairs to get a good clear shot at the Conservator. And yeah, I’d been spoiled a little by having a drone to draw aggro. TWO Varelsi Berserkers down there at the bottom of the steps, and a big gaggle of Skulks. I’m hammering away at the Conservator’s face, and fail to notice that my drone has kicked the bucket. That is, right until all eyes were on me, and like everything got one shot in on me AT THE SAME TIME. I died like a little b***h on the steps there, a few hundred damage away from completing the mission.

Poor Wolf Sentry. I really like that guy. And who’d Deande gonna go on that date with, to not talk about Wolf’s heroic sacrifice? I felt like such a disappointment…

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Actually, the number of bonus score orbs that spawn from large containers is directly related to how many extra lives you have. In hardcore, you always spawn the maximum amount of orbs.

So technically, you can achieve a higher score in Hardcore than Standard. Not that it matters, as score has no effect on credits or loot.


Yeah, kinda what I’m after. Easier to make a higher score in hardcore than in normal.

Score DOES have some effect, in terms of unlocking characters (all silver medals, etc., sorts of requirements to unlock before reaching command rank such-and-such). Not a BIG effect, but an effect. It matters to new players like me, who still have like 4 Battleborn to unlock yet…

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I usually die in a corner surrounded by 2-3 evolved thrall or any other of the 10 foot tall 5 foot wide enemies. I simply cant move, I can barely see, my screen is turning redder and redder every second, and then I die. The same thing happens in pvp when Im trying to escape a vicious pursuer. I’m running for my life then I get caught on Montana’s massive arms or ISIC’s giant head!

Sometimes I wish this game didn’t have collision detection. It has been my cause of death on more than one occasion.

Deande, forgetting you did the directional build, Thrall rush you, out comes your clone, then off you go into the void.

Ah I meant for the OP’s topic of farming legendaries it has no bearing. :slight_smile:
And since the star ratings are higher on hc to compensate for the perma bonus yellow balls (and other things in chests), its kinda negligible. :stuck_out_tongue:

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one hited by a glitched out thrall. you know when you see a glitched out one cause the arms look like those floaty dudes for advertisement outside businesses but a million times quicker with the hands.
the horrors!

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AH! Agree firmly then. Normal/hardcore doesn’t change the drops or drop rates.

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Playing Sentinel solo with Orendi advanced hardcore, was kiting around a few thralls when I hit one that got too close in the face with nullify… and knocked myself back right under the spike wall as it came down.


NULLIFY! (Off a Cliff)
HOLOTWIN! (Off a Cliff)
CLOTHESLINE! (Off a Cliff)

…I need to stop playing these characters in hardcore.

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[quote=“Rabid_Explosions, post:17, topic:1540560, full:true”]…I need to stop playing these characters in hardcore.

Or stop standing near cliffs.

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I’ve nullified off the first spawn going for 180 boost with Orendi before as well.

Lucky I had teammates.

Every match with Kleese, ever. Try playing with four Kleeses, the body-block and accidental floating chair… Funny, but tragic.

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