Funny Battleborn moments!

This’ll just be a thread to talk about some funny things that have happened to us as we’ve played the game.

I’ll go first:
I remember back when Alani was first released, I was playing an incursion match on overgrowth as ISIC and I was being ambushed by a Galilea, so I plasma dashed and stunned her. I forget which characters were on which team other than the Galilea on one team, and an Alani and me on the other, but after I plasma dashed, my team flocked to the Galilea, so I, even though I was low health, stayed by the entrance to our sentry area and shot at the Galilea. My Alani then riptided the Galilea, but she had jumped so she was flung right toward me so all I saw before I died was Galilea flying toward me like a cat being flung across the room and all I could do was laugh.


Listening to this one friend of mine metamorphose into an amalgam of phoebe, orendi, pendles and ISIC…


Thanks Kagedo. xD

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I was just playing the Operation on hardcore as Marqyis, so when I harvested the shards I was like, “Wow! This is great for sniping!” Attikus friend was watching. Suddenly the floor starts dropping. He laughs at my panicked face as I dash in panicked loops looking for a way out

I was marquis on incursion, overgrowth. The enemy ISIC was a top the sniper perch beside the sentry camp entrance. He had his rotating wards up but he had the deflection upgrade on. Not knowing that, I shot the bindleblast ultimate at him, it bounced straight back at me and killed me. All I could do was stare in amazement at my own stupidity and laugh :expressionless:


Did he do his taunt? The one where he laughs and poses?

Nope, he just kept on playing, like a true gentleman. Of course I sent him a message just saying “LOL”. No response though, he probably didn’t even know he did it lol.

I was playing capture on temples as Mellka and I was fighting this Pendles on B and I backed it to the ledge so I could jump overhim and push him off. But as soon as I tried it I didn’t see him as I turned around. I then realized that he had dashed his way off the cliff when I jumped over him. My friend was there with me and we both started laughing.

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And this


Funny because I also had this one time with deande on meltdown paradise. I killed El dragon (before the great disarment of 2016) and then I went around the corner and that’s where I Benedict ult hit me. I survived but I wanted him dead regardless that I had low health (I was in the zone). So I then proceeded to kill him then taunt him. But once I did my clone behind me also taunted. This fitted well with the kill

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That last one tho. I’ve had a couple of close shaves with the force field.

A more recent one involves me playing as Orendi and goofing the helix so I took Let’s Bounce at level 3 (or whenever it is). Got attacked by a Pendles while trying to kill some Varelsi, attempted to Nullify him annnnnnd promptly threw myself off a cliff.

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Reflecting wards is the unsung hero of ISICS helixes

I like it when I take hawkpacalypse, there will be a team fight on the other side, and all I do is aim boomsday and show a BIG light and come slamming down, seeing as they try to escape

I usually prefer Phoenix protocol because when people think they survive the ult then they start taking more damage. “But wait! Theres more!”

They are both pretty great, I take hawkpacalypse with an mobile enemy team, I would take rockets launchin rockets but its very wonky, I have a suggestion for it and someone else on these forums did that would make it better while keeping the idea

What was the idea? I was thinking it fireing homeing rockets

Well no, it launches the mini rockets in spread forward motion, doing good damage (80 per rockets and that is a lot rockets) but to spread, so my suggestion is Hawkeye gives a 20 second target specifically for the mini rockets so next time, the home in, doing HEAVY DAMAGE, I would like it to stay spread without targets, because is amazing in a team fight (granted you have to aim up then down because the delay)

Playing the op last night, after playing so much Borderlands over the last few months after a long hiatus from Battleborn, I decided to jump over a gap. As it turns out, you don’t jump very high in Battleborn. Dead.

Reminiscing on my Phoebe triumphs, talking about how incredible she is and how much I’ve missed her, saying that she’s an unstoppable slaying machine even in PvE only to get killed by a thrall gunner. Fail.

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Different characters have different jump heights as well as movement speeds - I think (not including double jumps and gliding) Thorn has the highest base height without any upgrades.

Yes I know, I’d just forgotten after so long :stuck_out_tongue: Screw Thorn anyway, Phoebe is way sexier :grin: