Funny El Dragon Glitch

Man I wish I recorded this. So basically, I was playing on monument with El Dragon(With Rope-A-Dope Helix). You know when you go up the stairs near the Giant Minion spawnpoint? I went up the stair on the enemies side to finish them off. I En Fuego’ed and then launched at them with Clothesline, but I missed and when out the window near the Giant Minion spawnpoint. Just as I hit a beam En Fuego ended and I returned to normal. However, I bounce off the wall and flew (yes flew) in mid-air at a high rate of speed. I stopped at about the time a normal Clothesline would last, but man, I was dying of laughter. Who knew that the High-flying luchador was a literal thing?

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going to try and replicate when I get home :grin: