Funny hidden thral animation on Saboteur

Just kidding of course. But I do find it funny how on Saboteur, the phantoms are just invisible thrall that slide/jiggle around on the floor. They have almost no animation. I don’t think we are supposed to see the actual model but if you use something to highlight them like Reyna’s E (which is what I used) or Ambra’s fire then they will have an outline around them.

Just funny to see.


I noticed that on Heliophage, didn’t think much about it, though, I felt it made them easier to hit, but really not much else. Just thought they were invisible thrall.

Btw, nice clickbait. R8 8/8 M8

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I feel The Saboteur was supposed to have a little more story going on for it. I mean, who on earth even IS Foreman Thrall? How come he just turns up with no exposition and seems to be able to control these weird Thrall Phantoms?

There has to be something more going on here.


I like their weird lack of story that’s turning into a huge story. It’s slowly piecing itself together. Like star wars, but hoPefully not horrible :wink:

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Could you please change your topics title into something less offensive and clickbaiting? Thank you.

I never noticed this before, very interesting!
Maybe its part of the story - they are “Phantoms of Foreman Thrall”. Maybe these phantoms are indeed thrallshaped copies of Foreman who can phasewalk or shift dimension as Varelsi do for damage reduction.

The Foreman himself seems to be a hybrid experiment to combine Varelsi powers with the Thrall species, maybe these phasewalking clone ability is one of the perks given by these experiments.

As a medium summoning smaller Varlesi the Foreman Thrall could be able to summon smaller Thrall phantoms which appear as orbs while their true appearance is out of phase. This would fit with the fact that their true shape is only decloaked by certain character skills.

Changed, sorry bout that.

No big deal, thanks for changing! :slight_smile: