Furious Attack and Face-Puncher

I’ve been using the Rakk attack stinger build with the new class mod and fish grenade that I’ve seen multiple youtubers and guides talk about, they all use face-punchers, and every single one of them has 5/5 in Furious Attack. From everything I have tested, Face-puncher doesn’t proc Furious Attack at all, which in the builds is the only weapon you will be firing when either downed or for bosses. Am I missing some interaction? Fish grenades don’t proc Furious Attack, Rakk’s don’t, spiderant queen doesn’t, only non face puncher guns proc it. Why is this skill recommended over Self-repairing system?

because people who play with a facepuncher have no brain

In the case you’re describing it is correct: Face Puncher does not trigger FA. And pnly the Hunter Seeker grenade would trigger it. So, one should take SRS over FA indeed.

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Because there’s more than one class mod option in those builds. R4kk p4k and hunter seekers allows for extreme spam and stacks FA. Then there’s also the more usual options.

And it’s a build with very easy and powerful lifesteal access, the regen and max hp are not really anything compared to that, especially when current enemy damage from guns is taken into account.

However if you don’t intend to switch off Peregrine + Fish Slap, you can just use the points there yeah.

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Could also be the shield and/or grenade have an ASE 50% elemental anoint. The face puncher melee damage would not be triggering furious attack but the bonus ASE elemental damage applied with the face puncher’s pellets could be triggering furious attack.

Only the main damage instance may trigger FA, the bonus elements won’t. Same for Head Count and LNT. Face-puncher can’t trigger it at all.