Further Bank Expansions

Hi there, people!

Ever since the introduction of Maliwan Takedown it’s been a tremendous relief for us Vault Hunters plundering the Borderlands for loot to see the first fundamental bank space expansion.

But I’m wondering if there will be an additional boost to our personal vaults in the upcoming DLC, due on December 19. Speaking for myself, I’m an avid collector type, so the current 300 gear slots proved to be a dead end for me even before I got to try the new raid.

So, now I’m pretty much stuck, unable to get into clashing with the Maliwans for the sole reason that there is no more space in my bank to store the new exclusive loot - which I really look forward to getting my hands on!

Thanks for considering my inquiry!

There will be more upgrades. IDK if right away with Handsome Jackpot but the bank will be bigger.

Yeah, that’s for sure. But I’m really curious whether any more space will be added in December right away. Say, I hit the Takedown right now, all the loot I happen to get will just go down the drain, which is absurd and kinda disappointing.

My guess would be no expansion in this upcoming patch, especially when most thought the first expansion would just add another 50 slots not bump it all the way to 300.

Don’t be a hoarder. You have almost 500 spaces available to you not counting mules.