Further increase to drop rates?

I know they increased the drop rate three fold a few months ago, but I just started a new playthrough and decided not to use any of the loot I accrued in any previous playthrough. I’m going at this solo, and I’ve already gotten: A twin Hornet, a Kablaster, a Bonus Package, and a Thunderball fists. I’m not even at Sanctuary yet! I appreciate the loot but it makes me wonder, what happened and why did this kind of thing never happen when I was going Legendary Loot Midget hunting?

Super increased drop rates? Incredible luck? Do I need to buy lottery tickets, talk to women at the bar, end world hunger?

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You have hit the jackpot. Yes, go buy a lottery ticket, talk to a women and end the world hunger.


No. Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Yes. Your current playthrough has definitely been blessed by lord RNG.

Guuuuuys…what the hell is happening? I found a storm front in a red chest, AND the mutant rats dropped one! I BROKE THE GAME, RNGESUS HAS GONE NUTS! More importantly, why did I not take my own advice and do #2 on the list?

I second this comment!! I just played through co-op and all we got was a bonus package and a warrior gift…

Getting a Thunderball Fists alone is blessed by the Gods of Loot RNG :sunny:

there may still be time, hurry before it self-corrects and you hit that very long dry spell. :grinning:

Random is random but i agree, it does seem better recently. Thus week started a brand new Axton, same approach (solo using just what i find) and so far - got a L7 Harold from Savage Lee and then got a level 9 Infinity from Dr Mercy. In dozens of characters, never seen either weapons in normal mode. The Random gods were smiling…