Further Kleese changes

To start off I’m pretty new to Kleese. Im typically more of the in your face killer character (Marquis, Melka, Orendi etc.) Supporting isn’t exactly up my alley, but I get what I’m “supposed to do”.

Also, I’m aware of the changes coming with the next title update, but I believe these changes would be beneficial for Kleese as well, without making him Overpowered.

Change number 1: Please for the love of Minrec, adjust his double jump. I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown myself into death’s arms by accidentally tapping jump again without realizing what I was signing up for.

I’d like for it to be adjustable in mid air. Even if I start my jump going forward I would like to be able to float left right or even backwards if I realize I’ve made a mistake.

If not that I would at least like to cancel the double jump by either tapping the jump button again, or making his double jump a hold/release type mechanic. I’m sure none of this is easy but it would be a huge QoL adjustment for Kleese.

Second change: I think two of Kleese’s helix choices should be switched. The two I propose to be changed are his right level two and left level seven.

[quote]Right level two
Overloaded mortars: Firing Energy Mortars will deplete Kleese’s shield and add it to their damage.
+100% Current Sheild as Damage[/quote][quote]Left level seven
Geezer Pleaser: Killing an enemy with Energy Mortars instantly recharges Kleese’s shield.[/quote]

My reasoning is this: Overloaded mortars deplete Kleese’s shield as stated. It gives him more damage, but it makes him even easier than it already is to kill him. However, Geezer Pleaser adds to his survivability by instantly fully recharging his shields. (I think we all could agree that Kleese needs as much survivability as he can get)

I think that Kleese’s early game helix should help his survivability while his late game helix boosts his killing potential.

If any other Master of Kleeses have any input ID love to hear it.

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I think they silently adjusted his mid air control. Just since this last update I have been able to turn much sharper and even reverse direction completely. Just want to also point out that I have around 120 completed story missions with him, so I definitely know his capabilities well.

Also, I find the slow with the mortars much more useful since Kleese is a territorial trapper. The slow provides a way to escape if enemy happen to get close or to hinder them from reaching a defense point too quickly. As such, I tend to ignore the shield replenish upon killing an enemy and use the bouncy mortars instead. If you want more damage, shock taser is where it’s at. Try having it arc to an additional target and select the damage increase helix for it. Well placed critical hits with his main attack also takes enemy down very quickly. Personally, I think Kleese is very good the way he is and I would rather see different helix choices to replace those ones you spoke about.

But then again, I’m just a pve player so if you are talking about pvp then just ignore me.


I was talking about PvP mainly. I think Kleese is amazing for PvE though but even still your feedback is appreciated. I have a friend who also recommended the bouncing grenade and he also chooses the 10 additional ammo for shock taser over the heal chair in which I always get pissed at him, but that’s for another topic.