Further matchmaking suggestion; team shuffle

So we have rematching now which is awesome, but how about shuffling teams? Like not matching players into teams until the lobby is full then dividing them up? That way you’re not always playing with the same people on the same teams. Unless two full parties are matched together of course, but this in the case of 2-3 man groups or solo players.

ive seen a lot of complaints about the matchmaking. Couple of things ive noticed. Ive been on groups with all higher levels 50+ where we destroyed the lower level team. I have also been on higher level groups where we have been wiped out fast by a lower level group. And when I mean wiped out, I mean not a single kill for us and 100-0 in only a couple of minutes play time. I have a feeling it was a coordinated group to play like that though.

The complaints about levels have never had any merit with me. Command rank isn’t an indication of skill, I’ve played against bad 100s and good 20s. I’d just like a bit of variation, the rematching is a great addition to the game but playing on the same team against the same team is kinda repetitive unless both teams are equal in skill.

Yeah, I’ve been doing tons of PvP to close out Galt’s lore. I only have 4 left then I can move on. Once seen all kinds of craziness in PvP matchmaking. I agree, being on a team a second time that for dominated the first time doesn’t interest me.

I love this idea. They could even out the teams after the lobby is full…at least the CR would be even(doesn’t mean skill lvl would be though) @JoeKGBX would this be an idea that would interest the devs? It could balance a few matchmaking problems out and I don’t think people would quit as often after losing because it would redo the teams

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I can certainly pass it on.

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Thanks, I’m not sure if this is one of those things that’s better in theory than in practice or if it can even be done without a complete overhaul of the matchmaking system, but it sounded like a decent idea.

Seriously thanks for what you do. I know you catch alot of heat for things that are out your control but just know there are those of us who know you do what you can for us.


Thanks for the replies and civility guys :slight_smile: