Further skill trees

So since it has been said they would rather expand upon current vault hunters instead of adding new ones (cause data? Idk I loved gaige really…) I wanted to start a discussion about potential new skills and trees that could be added to the game. Well honestly I’d like to spend more time enjoying the game but I can only handle the stress related to co op lag in short increments so here’s to trying to provide a positive thread instead…

ZANE - Rocketman
AS is ability to use a jet pack: tree focuses on armor health, stealing aggro, and/or flanking damage boosts depending on how you spec. Armor would be some skills that enable users to still use grenades/clone/drone and retain survivability (enemies later on have shield, armor and health pools so why can’t our vh’s too?) although those that prefer the dome shield would most likely not spec into these skills. Armor would only be self repairing while no enemies are present, or could be specced into for a small regen % only when not being targeted. The larger the armor bonus the greater the drain on rocket fuel, mechanic similar to iron bear weapons. Skills that boost flanking damage are fairly self explanatory. Being able to taunt the enemy would be the skills that help other party members, giving bonuses to allies accuracy/handling stat since they aren’t under fire. Augments could upgrade flight time, change to a hover pack to lower height bonuses but allow for strafing movements… Cap stone would be a HUGE bonus to slam damage to encourage actual use of the mechanic cause I honestly haven’t even bothered on any of my play throughs yet y’know.

AMARA - Touch of Death
She already has a ton of AS options, so I don’t know what exactly would be great here. I really think that as a siren she should be able to unlock a cap stone that for a time after action skill use allows her to bypass shield/armor to damage health bars directly. Would be able to spec into increased critical damage/chance, get a damage bonus when fighting the same enemy types consecutively, and add cryo as an augment to AS. If the terror mechanic to be included in Bloody Harvest event isn’t going to be limited to the event it would be great to incorporate that into this tree.

MOZE - Blacksmith
Adding a sword option for melee better suited for multiple targets, can be outfitted with a plasma edge to deal bonus damage against armor/shields (increased fuel drain of course), or upgraded to a lance for greater reach and piercing damage bonus at the cost of attack speed/handling. Adding a shield option, increases damage resistance while adding a knock back effect. Upgrade to knock down with bonus to trample damage when enemies are floored, or instead opt to reflect X% of all damage to the attacker. Skills grant bonuses to weapons which parts you have swapped out (assuming that eventually becomes a thing) and skills that grant increases to mobility of iron bear. The 3rd tier skill would be Clockwork and allow for armor self repairing, cap stone takes portion of elemental damage to Iron Bear and converts it into fuel.

And I honestly have no idea what to do about Fl4k. I personally love endless rakk attack, however they are such a ‘meta build’ character right now that anything I could think of skill wise I already know won’t get picked anyways. I just got nothing that can improve upon their variety - so let me know what y’all think about improving them, and the other ideas I thought of. Thanks for reading =)