Further support for other content in bl3

honestly i kinda ask myself the entire time a big question
why do we not get further updates for dlcs?
add a few new modes to arms race and dont let it rott away like it is, add a few things to the dlcs 1-4 in general as an example
in a potential ( not likely) dlc 7 or free content like events and takedowns, you could add overall new enemy types, evolvable enemys and so on
now this could be spread around all game content honestly

but they rly dont do anything with the dlcs, the dlcs are out and forgotten as a child put up for adoption after it was born

which is a shame, imagine adding in general like 5 new raidbosses into all of bl 3 and give us seraph weapons back, adding hidden new locations to the existing levels and maps
so eista has a reason to exist and an actual farming reason

you could add so many little things that make ppl replay the dlcs again in search for it

secret shops, secret new bosses, hidden evolvable bosses, like OOO or so( obviously updated to work a little better and consistently), other small things

just saying, i think its a shame

what kind of further support would you wish for dlcs and other non base game content?

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Remember when we were all expecting a new slaughter with DLC1 release and possibly a trial?
Remember when they said more takedowns were going to be a thing?
Remember when they said they were going to fix the game? (guess they only “looked into it”, or found it was only a “supposed concern”)

This game had so much potential from the start and got butchered.


i remember alot of things the devs said during the borderlands show like
creating a new raidboss for event gear
looking into creating new trials for dlcs post release
looking into more mayhem mods( now it doesnt rly matter as 90% dont fking play with mayhem mods, and the ppl saying mayhem mods arent so bad also mostly dont play with them
case and point, most streamers and other youtubers i have seen play mostly with mayhem 11, so rly it doesnt matter

like, they did just give up after dlc 2, and even before the game was rly left in the dust

maliwan takedown and dlc 1-2 where them basically doing some work and then its nothing


I liked DLC1 but it was also a letdown…

Same with DLC2… Great but also kind of felt stuff was missing.

And you know… The 4th skill tree still feels wrong to me (even if i was still playing it would have 0 value for me) after DLC2 i wished they would bring back the old vault hunters as playable characters.


imagine a game where you have guns that are in the exact style of bl 1 - 2 -3
so bl 1 guns are floaty
bl2 guns are a little less floaty but more smooth in how they fire
and all manufacturers have their respective at the time style

now that would be fun
aside from offering older characters as they where then as playable characters
that be fun, bl 1-2 tps hunters could EASY just have big numbers and work more raw
while bl 3 and further offer more technical skills and mechanics

that be rly fun

My guess…of course the first season pass sold well, probably like most got it with our Super Deluxe Sucker Beta Edition not to mention based on the past games we all looked at this release with rose tinted glasses.

However I am thinking that things have been quiet since Season Pass two landed with a thud compared to the first one.

Remember easter eggs of 1 and 2?
What happened to those?

i rly just want to get some more suport and additions for dlcs
its a crime that dlcs just dont get ■■■■ and are left in the dust as these one time things that have no substance

Yeah I really feel like each DLC should have had its own slaughter. It wouldn’t be an insurmountable task to add slaughter maps to each one as an update—just add an exit to an existing map somewhere and have it connect to the slaughter map just like the base game.

Kind of a missed opportunity especially for DLC4, a chaotic slaughter would fit in with the whole Krieg thing. You could even have Torgue there with some new voice lines like “I DON’T KNOW HOW THE F*** I ENDED UP IN KRIEG’S BRAIN BUT YOU KNOW WHAT!? I DON’T CARE JUST BLOW EVERYTHING THE F*** UP!!”

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i always say
dlc 5s arms race makes thematic sense in dlc 4
having krieg fantasize about 2 of his old VH buddies commenting about some insane arms race going on in his mind of never ending violence

also if you think like me that dlc 4 feels as if 2/3rds or half of it is missing
imagine adding arms race into it
suddenly you have a full dlc