Further thoughts on state of game post patch

FWIW, here’s my thoughts.

I’m liking Monuments a lot but it needs some work still. Matches tend to stall in the lane and comebacks after losing the first Sentry are pretty much impossible. I do like a lot how many of the turrets are hidden from snipers and the placement of mid-Thralls makes for some interesting tactics.

Pendles is overall largely a well-balanced character. Biggest issue is that he can pretty much operate with impunity in your base area and that just shouldn’t be the case. This just goes back to an issue the game has had since day one and that is the MOBA tower equivalents, the Sentries, are complete jokes. It is too easy to dive, it is too easy to take down accelerators and turrets around them, they are just pathetic.

There needs to be some changes to punish diving the Sentry and Pendles should not be able to destroy all the buildables in the opposing team base area.

EDIT: It’d be nice to see Thralls, especially the mid-Thrall duo, get a buff. Right now they are way too easy to take out, particularly on Overgrowth. I mean, they should be invincible but it’d be nice if they were at least nearly guaranteed to get a few points of damage in. The fact that mid-Thralls are so weak I think help leads to a lot of the stalemates in Incursion, particularly on Monuments where making a comeback from second sentry is pretty much impossible but destroying second sentry is also insanely tough. Most Monuments game in my experience either end via time, via score, or via whoever manages to knock down the first Sentry and keep theirs. Very rarely does a team get both Sentries, personally I think I’ve only seen it once so far.


The sentries are much more furious than they were, if you so much look at one you draw the aggro of that big f*ck off railgun.

As for Pendles, if he’s not destroying buildables then what is he doing on Incursion? While he’s cleaning your base you’re one up in lane, take advantage of his absence to push, don’t worry about the snake worry about winning mid. Losing turrets means nothing if you push the enemy sentry first. Most Incursion teams who lose to a team with a Pendles do so because they’re too distracted by what he’s doing to focus on the skirmish over mid, teams who ignore him win and teams who ignore him but lose would have done so either way, if you’re one up but still losing it’s either because you were outplayed or the enemy team had better defensive composition.


Kelvin :

  1. Ultimate needs to be instant and more responsive
  2. Needs more max health per minion chomp as well

1: Needs more ward strength or a Shield buff

2: Wound needs to be changed to a shield steal per charged shot


  1. Either needs damage nerf or Health nerf


  1. Needs Taser nerf or health nerf

2. Beam range needs to be nerfed or the damage needs to be nerfed

The Pinging on Overgrowth and Echelon needs fixing because its still unresponsive at times

Rendain and bosses in general need their Knockback changed to a Knockup

The Supply station in monuments needs relocating.


Are you saying isic wound is OP? Or that it isn’t enough?

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Still no ■■■■■■■ nerf to Benedict. Gearbox has tje most clueless balance team. Theu go by numbers playwd not actual effectiveness.

ambra self heal and damage in general needs some serious attention. i encountered one in a 1v1 with melka yesterday. she threw out a spot, i spiked her, then proceeded to shoot her, then popped ult missed one of the three shots from my ult as she threw out another one right before her flame shield went up, and low and behold she was healing herself faster than i could damage her. i had approximately 1800 health at the time i entered that fight and yet ended up having to back off. something is not right about that. and no, i was not being outleveled. gbx cant make supports in this game.

benedict needs to be nerfed slightly lower than his damage was before and have his health buff maintained. he already did enough damage. if his health was to be buffed, his damge needed to be slightly nerfed.

monuments drastically needs reworked. idk the perfect solution, but i can suggest a few. drastically shorten the distance from the turn to the sentry. there is too long of a straight shot to the sentry. it is also imperative that the small set of steps on either side of the main choke have steps on both sides leading up to it, not just the side approaching it. there is easy access to the enemy’s perch on overgrowth. that spot needs to have the same easy access. also, they just need to remove the up top positions that require you to have to basically take out their first sentry to get to, or play only certain characters that can get up there.


It’s too much. On Monuments Pendles can even destroy the accelerator back by the 2nd Sentry, that’s ridiculous. Losing both accelerators can mess you up pretty bad as it helps them push their waves and with the ways thing are right now, it’s pretty much pointless to try and rebuild them.

Personally I like where Kelvin is at but then I really only play him when my buddy is playing Miko. It ups Kelvin’s effectiveness by a factor of ten.

I like ISIC and Benedict as is as well. Kleese’s tasers do seem a bit much IMO. I like Ambra but at this point she does heal herself a bit insanely quickly. Maybe look into that. Although personally I feel a lot of the healing in this game is too effective.

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I say again, while he’s out of lane you should be one up winning mid. If you’re still losing it’s not because of Pendles destroying your turrets because he’s not even involved in the integral fight for mid, you would have been worse off if he was literally any other character in the game because Pendles can’t skirmish in lane.

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Who would actually win in a 1v1 ambra vs Kleese

Kleese, because taser. He can have a slow at level 2 or run a shield strip build on his mortars instead. At the least Ambra would escape, but she wouldn’t win.


Shoot her Sunspots, fighting Ambra through Sunspots is no better than fighting Kleese through his rifts. She can’t heal if you destroy them. This is a mistake a lot of players make, they charge while Ambra she just fuels and circles her Sunspot.


I feel like ambra needs a slight range nerf on her beam, seriously it is to far, and a higher cool down on her sunspots, kleese needs taser incredibly weak to health, pre nerd health, OR his body is a damage multiplier with head being even bigger damage

im well aware of what she is able to do. i can destroy a miko through his mushroom. i can destroy kleese in his rifts unless i jump right into 3 of them, although with kleese it really isnt a great comparison because he needs a nerf. the issue is that i shouldnt have to kill the spots first. she is a support. the reason i had to back off is because she has an auto lock beam that does as much damage as my pistol, is healing as fast as miko essentially to herself, and solar wind or ground pound do too much damage for a support. a support by design and definition is supposed to require aid from another person in the fight which the support supports in order to win fights. supports should not be able to do as much damage as they do in this game, and neither should the tanks. every day this game becomes more and more like overwatch. how so? everyone can essentially kill everyone now (except for tanks, who can 1v1 any character, and take several characters to kill), which is not how a moba is supposed to operate

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But, weren’t you just claiming that Ambra needs a nerf? And there is a comparison, both place external sources of healing that can also be used offensively or defensively for support or as a pseudo-fortification in the area surrounding them. What’s not to compare?

Well, yes, you should. If there is an external source of healing on the field which you choose to blatantly ignore then that’s your fault, not a fault of the character. That’s like complaining when an enemy kills you at their supply station.

Now that is a steep exaggeration.


Ambra’s beams DPS is 70 and can’t crit.
Melka’s DPS with just pistol and nothing else is 155 and can crit.

You can stop all of her healing in under 2 seconds, and her sunspots are on an 8 second cooldown. And she only heals faster than a Miko if both spots are up. And has to stay relatively stationary to get said benefits, so if she’s trying to close into melee range she’s gonna walk away from them.

Shoot her sunspots, shoot her in the face and walk backwards as a basic strategy that will work most of the time, not even counting skills, which lean even more heavily in your favor, damage-wise.

For me her survive ability is just to good

It’s always been great only difference is now she is more common and able to hit you back a little easier.

Her damage on her primary wasn’t changed only the range and the damage on solar wind was increased to actually have higher damage than her primary.

A good ambra pre-buff was hard to kill with a small impact on the game. Now? It’s great to have an impact on the match and being able to fight back.

She waited months to be buffed whilst other over performing characters were left alone. Now players have to learn to counter her due to the increased impact she can have.

Galilea, Benedict and kleese are the only characters who still need to be balanced and once they are finally no more nerfs will be required.

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Wound does not go with his kit…Isic has no DOT so it makes no sense for him to have a wound…shield steal makes more sense sinces hes suppose to be a tank and LLC

When I face a Pendles that cleans out the base, I laugh and personally thank him for the 4 v 5… Taking control of middle, gathering shards then teleporting back to base to rebuild and claiming free extra experience.

Thank you Pendles.

Not sure why everyone is bothered by this? Free experience people!!

I’ve alread said that in another topic, I do not think that Pendles is OP it’s just that I am not okay with his low risk/high reward playstyle.
Right now he’s able to do whatever the F*** he wants withouth beeing punished if he messes up, and that needs to change! If you’re an assassin, and your attempt to kill an opponent fails you should not be able to vanish without a trace every single time. I think his perma stealth needs to be reworked.

I don’t know about Benedict. On one hand I’ve seen him destroy whole teams over and over again but on the other hand, he seems to take quite the amount of skill to be played efficient so I’m kinda okay with him.