Fustercluck Off Trophie stuck

I have done 100% of the new dlc,all side missions and crew challenges,and the planet 100%
and still not unlocked all done on TVHM.

Has this happend to anyone else.

You probably don’t have two red chests in Hyperion map (don’t remember the name). Only there red chests are part of the stats progress.
You can always check what is missing by pressing L3 on galaxy/planet/map view.

yes i have those , all done to 100% of all progress on each map and 100% of the planet,thanks for reply

Then it’s weird. I have 95% in DLC without those red chests, whats your %?


My bad. I missread your problem.

Make sure you have all side missions. One is quite hidden in the Train map iirc and they are not part of the stat progress.

ok i will have another look around, thank you

oh but i have 100% of the maps blued out so i don’t think i missed it but i’ll check

This one is tricky and you need to be very close to it. iirc it’s in the last area before you use jump pad to double long rail with teleport at the end. On the left side behind the wall.

ok thanks i’ll have a look

It was “Scratch, Don’t Sniff” mission iirc.

yep have missed that 1 thanks 4 your help

yep trophy just popped thanks

No problem.