Fustercluck Off

So I did all of the side quests and crew challenges in this dlc but my progress bar is only at 86%. I was the host and the person gaming with me got the achievement.

This is just another in a long line of Fusterclucks with this game, I can’t progress the A Hunter Through and Through achievement and Riding to Ruin is stilled glitched and can’t be progressed.

Its disgraceful that some of these issues have been around for months l, guess fixing bugs doesn’t pay the bills


I have just received this EXACT ISSUE! Coop partner got the achievement and I did not… happened about 30 minutes ago and is extremely frustrating as the only way I can think to get it myself is to restart the DLC. And even then that’s not as easy as it sounds with only one character profile and the DLC will have to be near completed all the way to get it unlocked!

I went through the quest list and it turns out my co op partner got the achievement despite having not completed all the side quests. So he’s the buggy one here. My other 2 points still stand