Futility Belt + Really Expensive Jacket?

Been wondering about this, so figured I’d ask those who are more knowledgeable than me. Does Futility Belt make Really Expensive Jacket pointless given that the former converts elemental damage to non-elemental damage, and the latter reduces elemental effect duration by 50%?

Also, has anyone taken Winter Drone for drone builds? I’m questioning the viability of Static Field since it scales so badly in higher difficulty modes such as M4, and was considering replacing it with something like Winter Drone for the extra cryo damage. The SNTNL damage itself also scales poorly at higher difficulty modes, so it seems something with more synergy for my CCC build would be better than a meager 349 shield regen. I’m already running Bad Dose, and plan to keep that because it is actually very useful even in M4.



If you have permanent uptime on futility belt, really expensive jacket is pointless.
Static field is good for proccing the seein dead class and since the damage of the drone is a snowball in the desert anyway, you might as well get some use out of it.
If you’re running seein dead.

I run Bad Dose and…is it called Boomsday? The Rockets. Thanks to Trick Of The Light they do Cryo damage in my build? Beats me. I’ll know better when I make the Barrier Drone build.

Not almighty ordinance. Never tried that

Have you tried static field with a low level stop gap? It regens the shield from zero to full in less time than the invulnerability, making you practically unkillable, and ensures more uptime on your shield. Not to mention, if you use distributed denial, you get five seconds of invulnerability when/if your barrier ends. It’s not a bad augment for the drone with the right shield, and seein dead is procced more frequently. Otherwise, I’d go with winters drone. Even if it can’t freeze, it helps a little, which is sadly more than the other drone augments in most cases…

Personally I run the cyro damage and missiles on my drone. The missiles turn to cryo and helps to freeze for CCC. Since the damage isnt too good on the drone, i make it have really good utility.

Not sure if Futility Belt only converts non-elemental direct damage or not, should probably test that. I hadn’t noticed it immediately negating or blocking DoT damage though. Far as I know the only downside to Really Expensive Jacket is it cuts down your window to get use out of an Elemental Projector.

For the Drone I stick with Bad Dose and Winter’s Drone since they both deal full damage to flesh still but give it effectiveness against armor and shields too, along with the bonuses of slowing/freezing enemies and increasing Zane’s fire rate and movement speed. Basically the same damage dealing as Static Field but doesn’t recharge his shields.