Future borderlands anti-cheat measures

Dear developers and Gearbox staff in general. I love the Borderlands series, been a huge fan since the first game. Borderlands 2 was the ultimate game for me for 2 years. I play exclusively on PC Steam version.

Recently I joined a few public Pre-Sequel games to level my character a bit more before the new DLC on March 24th, but what I found was players who’ve hacked their game to give them boosted stats, and in one case a player hacked the game such that it affected MY game. There are screenshots below to illustrate this.

The guy I joined in this example hacked his ammunition and money and it affected mine as you can see in my inventory below. (for the record $88M is much more than I ever earned in the game with all my characters combined). The money total even carried over into my single player game.

This next example was from today when I joined a level 52 UVHM game with my Wilhelm character. Another user as the Baroness was also 52 but as you can see they had many more skill points unlocked than you would normally at level 52.

I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Please keep this in mind when planning the next iteration of Borderlands, it really isn’t fair or fun for the rest of us.

Hey @bikergofast!

This definitely doesn’t fall on deaf ears, rest assured. I can tell you that we’re always on the lookout for ways to improve the player experience. It’s very important to us that when someone plays a Gearbox title, they get the most enjoyment possible out of it.
Especially one like Borderlands that is so focused on delivering an awesome co-op experience.

Unfortunately, this sort of thing is a common problem for many players, and we’re well aware of that. For now, all we can recommend is that you take advantage of the report features available on Steam (or any other platform in anyone else’s case).

Additionally, many players have had luck with simply asking nicely that players who have entered their games not participate in those sorts of activities. You’d be surprised how many people do those sorts of things to other people’s games and feel like they’re doing them a favor/helping them out. Most times, the intentions are good, but the majority of players choose to play legit, and as such, it’s usually more of an annoyance.

I think this is a great subject though, and I’m looking forward to seeing what advice other players have for you! Hope my two cents helps!

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It would be nice if Borderlands 3 had server based saves like Destiny currently does. That seems to curb a TON of cheating/modding.

There’s also YouTube streamers sharing 3rd party programs to hack/instant max lvl, 999 skill points, etc, in the new Borderlands 3. Please make a game that prevents cheaters. It not only ruins their game but others experiences as well.

I thought this was a new thread until I saw Joe’s post. I think you just may have achieved the oldest necro.

Still. Modded gaming is bad m’kay kids?