Future changes you would like to be made to BL3?

Here are my top 4 changes to BL3, that I would like to see in future patches!:

  1. Save-able builds (Xbox One. Idk if PS4 has this feature, but I’m pretty sure PC does.) I know this one isn’t exactly an urgent need, but it would save players time when respeccing.

  2. Reset-able challenges. It would make sense to make challenges reset-able, so players are allowed to get the prefixes and parts they’re looking for. It would also make sense if we get more level caps in the future.

  3. Lost Loot Machine prioritization. This feature could allow players to filter out what they don’t want, and prioritize what they do want from the LLM.

  4. Enemies that scale with each level cap purchased. I (and other players) hate playing the Borderlands story 100+ times just because a new level cap was released (I’m citing BL2 for this example). In my opinion, at the most we should only have to replay the main-game/storyline once or twice.

Also sorry to tag you @Noelle_GBX, but I think they’ll be a lot of useful suggestions in this thread, that you and the rest of Gearbox could look over (and potentially add to the game as well.)

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Removing Annointed enemies from the game once you defeat a certain story character. (Since thier existence is tired directly to that character).

I’m enjoying the Handsome Jackpot immensely precisely because it does not have annointed enemies. I’m able to play on M4 and have a ton of fun doing it.

I honestly believe whomever designed the annointed enemies for this game needs to be demoted or even fired. They are that badly designed IMO

Other than that… just bug fixes. A ton of skills and damage formulas seem to still not work as intended


I just wish the Lost Loot machine would take us into a menu instead of throwing them on the ground.


I wish you could mark level of loot to be found from the list loot machine. So it only picks up legendary items for example. I also wish you could see at Marcus by rarity. Like for example on PS4 hit the touch pad and give a menu to sell whites greens and blues. Would make the early gear selling much easier.

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Ooh that’s good suggestion as well! I always hated that about the LLM tbh…Like why does the loot have to drop on the floor? :joy:

Yeah I feel you on anointed enemies… It’s why I won’t visit the Anvil on M4. I was surprised that they were still around after defeating “you know who”. Ngl killing anointed is a waste of time to me, and for all the work it takes to kill them they rarely drop anything worth my time.

Still waiting for vertical screensplit.


Same, but now I’ve sorta gotten used to horizontal splitscreen. I’d still like it to be vertical though…

Ability to re-spec Guardian tokens. Just add it to Quick Change machine (and while you are at it - add a few of these to other planets).

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