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After watching the Borderland’s Show yesterday I heard Anthony say they listen to the community to help create future dlc’s and such. I’m not sure which source they go to the most but at least if we speak out here we can help Gearbox in the future. I’m not sure if this will even gain traction but at least give it a try. So speak out, come up with idea’s, give helpful suggestion’s but no bashing on past change’s please. For those hardcore fan’s still here like me let’s make our own game!


Do they really listen? Wasn’t op levels largely disliked by the community overall and they decided to bring it back? I feel like they only listen to some things while tuning out the rest. Anyways at risk of just barking at the wind bring back fan favorites as playable characters.


So who do I need to slap over these new mods?


Yes, they really do listen. They have done many things over the past 6 months in direct response to player feedback, both here and elsewhere.

I’m not seeing OP levels in BL3. If you’re referring to the 10 mayhem 2.0 levels, they aren’t looking that much like OP once you get past the superficiality of the number ‘10’.


Yes I said they listen to somethings not all things there are somethings people have been complaining for a really long time that I don’t even know if they plan on changing or not I just assume not. as for mayhem 2.0 whether it is just op level with a twist we shall see hope I’m wrong tho.

I don’t imagine they listen like, “hey, this one guy’s got a great idea, let’s do that”, as much as it is, “a lot of people have been asking to see the Vault Hunters return… what do think about this as a container to deliver this plot piece or host this DLC” or something.

If I was them, I’d have my ear to the ground, but wouldn’t come right out and say, ‘we’re listening’, because this is likely to lower the noise to signal ratio when their channels get flooded with random rants. We’re five posts in as I type this, and it’s 2 noise to 0 signal, so here’s a single, on-topic signal booster.

Give us manufacturer lore: it’s such a core piece of the Borderlands universe. I love seeing Jakobs, Atlas, and Maliwan’s faces in BL3, Dahl in TPS (and late BL2), Hyperion and Torgue in BL2. I’m sure they could do something novel with Vladof, but I’m dying to see Tediore… like it would be hilarious if their CEO was way richer than any of the others even though their gear is so derided (but still hilarious if he actually works out of some crappy trailer). However it plays out, I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

I’m not sure how Bandit/Scav/CoV gear fits in as a manufacturer for a piece of themed content, but that’s what their creative team is for.


Thank you! Im close to asking this post get closed for the exact point you made. Even mentioning it in the OP it still got derailed from the get go. I guess we can see where Gearbox gets its community help from. Good idea on the lore, never ever thought of that :+1:.

It’s one thing to LISTEN and another thing to UNDERSTAND.

So yeah they might be listening but …

I think he’s mostly referring to gear here. With the new mayhem system, the stats of the items that drop are based on the mayhem level they did drop on (Mayhem 10 guns will do much more damage than Mayhem 3 guns). And in that regards it’s pretty simular to OP-level gear in Bl2.

Didn’t Roland live on Promethea? I’d have enjoyed seeing his hometown and meeting his family if he had any!

on that note, more diverse maps on the planets would be great! i’m sure there are way more biomes on Promethea than “neon city” :smiley:


The biggest thing i love is Lore… and its been cut and salted.

they confirmed they cut content… and i can feel that when i played my first play-through.
id love if they revisited the idea and added the cut content back in.

id hope that it would flesh out the characters more and the story would flow properly… maybe then id be okay with playing it again and again, unlike i do rn.

i know the game is long in general, but its so choppy and so much missed opportunities.

it would really save it for me and i think alot of other people.

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   I put up a separate post but I think this is the type of discussion we should have in this thread, which has a broader umbrella than the specific content request below.  

Seasonal Event Headhunter pack idea/request
Gearbox should create and offer a Seasonal Event Headhunter pack that allows a player to turn on a Seasonal Event for that play session. The content is already created, play tested, and for the most part debugged. The mechanism to turn on and off a seasonal event in the log-in screen already exists. Gearbox should create a Seasonal Event Headhunter pack that has the Bloody Harvest content, Revenge of the cartels content, and Broken Hearts content. The amount of work to make this happen would be small but its impact would be large. Gearbox would need to create a mechanism to randomly select which one of these three events would be active for that particular play session when the seasonal event is selected to be on. Gearbox would need to create a mechanism to disable/override the random event selector when GB periodically offers a seasonal event.
This Seasonal Event Headhunter pack would add some randomness into play sessions to keep things fresh. This Seasonal Event Headhunter pack would give players an ability to get the gear from these events in Mayhem mode 1 to 10, which players are calling for. This Seasonal Event Headhunter pack would give Ghost Traunt and Joey Ultraviolet as additional ‘new’ bosses. This Seasonal Event Headhunter pack would give Heck and The Mansion as additional areas with their own unique vives.
The sales of this Seasonal Event Headhunter pack could fund additional Seasonal events, which later could be package into their own Seasonal Event Headhunter packs. Thoughts? Suggestions?

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More than anything I’d love to see more characters return in some capacity. I 100% understand not wanting to shove too many characters into a single game, but there’s a self-indulgent part of me that just wants to see what everyone would look like in BL3’s art style. Which ones would stay nearly the same, physically (ex. Maya) and which ones would get a complete revamp? (ex. Lilith and Tannis)

I dunno, I’m just a sucker for the visual designs, and I wanna know what everyone’s up to.


100% this. I think they look for feedback, not suggestions. Though, of course, sometimes the feedback has an implicit suggestion (not enough bank space = add more bank space).

Dude the Borderlands 2 dlc centered around tourge was just a masterpiece of dlc.

I really see this being something that could make the borderlands universe more engaging. The whole scenery suited tourge very well it was just very explosive and very badass exactly what u would expect from a tourge dlc.

Even tho i don’t see this coming for borderlands 3 as a dlc right now.
Maybe DLC 4 but idk.

Moze needs sustainment = remake class mod but with life steal and not look at her skills

A couple things, in every Borderlands we see these giant skeletons of monsters. Where did they go? could build a DLC around that alone.

Every Borderlands IMO has missed out on the opportunity for each Vault hunter to have a unique interaction with some of the NPC’s to flesh out story line. For example Tiny Tina and Krieg could have had a specific side mission to Krieg,-I think this kind of interaction where there is a major sidequest for each specific Vault hunter would encourage players to play EVERY character

It would be cool if some of these story echos we found launched us into the past, for example pick up Moze’s echo from Sanctuary and all the sudden you are in the mud in Ironbear in a squadron of Vladof Mechs fighting one of her past battles, build on the character without really disturbing the games direction.

For seasonal events, I think the Tink’s are being overlooked as a fairly simple tie in. You know when they say I got a present for you? Put them in Santa hats and have them toss exploding presents, if you are fast enough you can open it, if you aren’t you take damage. St Patrick’s day have them dressed as leprechauns throwing Guinness at us say taste me lucky charms or something equally bordering on cliched.

Just a few random thoughts.

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