Future Content Plans? Road Map Speculation

Just out of curiosity, what would you guys like to see in terms of additional game features or new content from BL3 in 2021? I’m hoping for pearlescent gear to make its return, as well as head hunter DLC’S, multiple raid bosses, and even though it’s a long shot I would at least like to see one new character. I’d love to hear some of the community‘s opinion on what they think will make the game better in the long run and what they hope to see down the line!


IIRC they’re planning to post another roadmap soon (dont quote me on that lol)

id like to see more replayable content like slaughters and raid bosses added to DLCs, event maps added permanently, and new skill trees. I think a new skill tree would be interesting but I have a feeling they’ll blow the existing ones out of the water lmao

and… finally open that door in ascension bluff. and the diamond room pls

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This would give this game so much fresh air and an anointment reroll system.

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Randy Pitchford on Ki11er Six’s stream:

K6 reading Randy’s statement in chat:

“Got some big plans even beyond the Season Pass stuff. Going to be ready to start sharing soon.”


It’s crazy to me how there hasn’t been one new COS or proving ground arena since the game launched. There 100% should’ve been one in each DLC alongside a raid boss as well and I assumed that would’ve been a given when the first DLC launched. Boy was I disappointed.


same here. i guess focus was on the takedowns? as much as i like those, smaller raid bosses do wonders for replayability


I 100% agree. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the takedowns we have as they are very unique in their own right. But I’m not sure what they were thinking when they decided to cut out so many thing that are integral to the Borderlands franchise (ie: raids, DLC characters, new weapon rarities etc.) I really hope that in year 2 they focus on what the community has been asking for since launch.

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they’re going to add a battle royale. that’s why they’re so obsessed with balancing.

I hope so. I like the events but they really just time-gated content the game needs, or community concerns that need to be fixed.

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With how crazy 2020 has been I would not be shocked in the slightest if they’ve been ignoring important content to make a super secret battle royale lol.

Hmmm, being as how this is the guy who had to ask if we would like them to test stuff before it’s released, not sure what to think anymore.

Until the mess that is MH2.0, gear levels, and anointments are sorted out, anything they do is like putting lipstick on a pig.

Major fixes needed first…


I definitely get where you’re coming from, but I think they need a healthy balance of fixing the games core mechanics alongside releasing new content. If they went months with only doing weekly hot-fixes to buff certain pieces of gear or to fix certain skill tree abilities without adding anything new I think the community would become bored relatively quickly.

The problem is it has been the exact opposite. They kept bringing out new stuff, adding layer on layer of broken things. With very little addressed to fix problems, many of which have been around since launch.
The problems keep being exacerbated and getting worse and worse as they release new stuff. At some point things should be fixed, especially core mechanics. Alot of people have left not out of boredom, but frustration and constantly being irritated by things that only half-work.