Future Content Suggestions, Bug Fixes, Buffs, and General Thoughts going forward

Seasonally, I like collect thoughts and post some of the things I jot down as I have been playing the game over past several months and share them here in hopes for additional discussion from the community and in hopes that some of the thoughts reach the gearbox team. These are my thoughts, opinions, and experiences and hold no weight over any other persons.

-Bug Fixes and Suggestions:
1.) Typhon is very slow in the Pyre of the stars main story map and sometimes gets stuck, requiring a save quit to fix him. Sometimes I have to wait for over 60 seconds for him to catch up.

2.) When we first meet Clay at reliance [to take back reliance], he sometimes gets stuck on the wooden crate after opening the door he hacks, right after he tells you to clear out the bandits (“few bandits down there vault hunter”). After taking out the bandits, Clay occasionally will get stuck on the crate he is standing behind and not jump down requiring a save quit to fix.

3.) Balex in Voracious Canopy. During the jabber mating call (geniviv) section, after you clear the initial bots (before the jabbers), Balex will (and this is around 50% of the time) clip through the middle platform and appear underground, blocking progress and requiring a save quit to fix. Sometimes after the jabber section is over, before he goes to open the door with the BA jabber, he will get stuck in place at the panel and also require a save quit to fix.

4.) Transformer does not provide immunity to all shock damage. There is a second instance of shock damage in the game that the transformer does not recognize and thus does not grant immunity to it. For example, shock barrels are not recognized as normal shock damage and 50% shock damage on action skill end anoints are also not recognized as shock damage and will down you/hurt you if you damage yourself with them. E.g. equip a transformer with 50% shock on action skill end anoint, trigger ASE, shoot floor with a shock protuberance, you go down (with no infusion or other ASE elements etc. Totally unspecced skilltree, wearing only a shock transformer with ASE 50% shock and an unanointed shock protuberance- this is most commonly reported with the Complex Root with AOE/Radius bonuses in the same instance listed above). In other words, make the second instance of shock damage in the game be included in the shock immunity of the transformer.

5.) Anointment “While Barrier is active, Accuracy is increased by 60%, and Critical Hit damage is increased by 70%” only works for 20 seconds and then stops working unless you switch to a different weapon and switch back. Take away the 20 second cooldown and re-code it to mean what it says- to last while barrier is active.

6.) Many anointments like ‘while autobear is active, deal 130 bonus incendiary damage’ and ‘while Digi-Clone is active, regenerate 12% of magazine ammo per second.’ do not work if you swap off the weapon and swap back. I feel like these effects should stay as long as you are holding a weapon with this anoint. If you have 4 weapons equipped with say, while ironbear is active, deal 130% bonus incendiary damage, you should be able to swap between them and have the anoint be active.

7.) Fracture does not proc action skill start anoint on shields.

8.) Big Head mode on Psychoreaver blocks portal w/ an invisible wall.

-Game Breaking Bugs/Progression Blockers

1.) During DLC 3 Riding to Ruin mission, if you do not exit the hub with them, ride to the last door before the Ruiner map and place the dynamite on the door and follow through with the mission and proceed to the final map and instead go do something else (leave the area before shooting/placing the explosive on the door), you lose the option to put the explosive device on the door forever (unless you join someone elses game and do that specific part) and cannot continue with the final section of the DLC.

2.) DLC 2, starting the gondola. If you do not follow through with the entire mission to shoot the 3 tanks to expose the lever you need to switch on to then shoot the 3 targets to power the gondola (and instead fast travel somewhere else), the mass that covers the switch persists and results in a locked progress where you cannot continue with DLC 2 unless you join another persons lobby and do it with them.

[It is important to note if you join someones lobby that has these 2 game breaking progress blockers, you get the same progression blockers for your character for those DLCs as well. Needs to be addressed ASAP]

-Future content suggestions:
1.) Classic mode. Anointments go away, rebalance the game around no anointments, significantly decrease world drops, decrease dedicated drops, and make a progression “peak” system to climb to the next difficulty.

2.) Traditional raid bosses (end game activity)

3.) I just want to note that I don’t like the idea of ‘head hunters’ because it seems like it would conflict with borderlands 3’s original philosophy behind the seasonal events. The seasonal events seem like headhunter packs to me and to turn around and start charging for them might seem like a scummy thing to do by the community. I don’t say this out of personal opinion, but as a warning of potential backlash. Would I still love them and gladly pay for them? Yes. I’m just worried.

4.) Add a new (“pearlescent”) weapon rarity to the game. I don’t know the full philosophy behind why these were not a good idea and I was okay with that on release, but look at the game right now- does that original philosophy still hold the same ground (I’m asking, not implying)? The serotonin rush doesn’t really exist from legendary drops for borderlands 3 and it’d be nice to get a super rare drop to get that feeling back every now and again.

5.) Easy mayhem modifier: immunity to environmental damage (barrels + water DOTs). Barrels are the #1 cause of death for every player in the game. This is not an understatement, this is a fact. This NEEDS to be an option as long as mayhem easy modifiers exist. PLEASE

6.) We have Easy and Normal difficulty options, how about a Hard mode?

7.) In my opinion, every DLC should have come with a new themed Slaughter (and raid boss). I still want them please. I love slaughters, give me more :+1:t2:

8.) 1 new character class please please please :slightly_smiling_face:

9.) If season pass 2 is a thing, I’d like a new bunkers and badasses DLC. Some more Torgue would be nice. Last one could be like the fight for sanctuary DLC and elude to borderlands 4 with the new (something different[siren]) that is coming.

1.) Does the anoint for 75% status effect chance effect cryo weapons and/or cryo efficiency? If not, it should.

2.) Does Amaras Tempest skill that boosts elemental damage effect cryo damage? If not, it should.

-Mayhem scaling (grenades):
1.) Buffing grenades further would imbalance them in a normal play-through; grenades still need a buff so instead of giving them a universal buff can we instead get a separate mayhem scaling for grenades?

1.) Vladof assault rifles secondary fire mode is cool an all, but I think Vladof assault rifles need an across the board general buff by at least 20%.

2.) Most items in DLC 1 need a buff across the board. There are only a very few exceptions like the Ion Cannon. Even while running through DLC 1 in normal mode, most items do not perform well enough to even consider using over [base game] items I already have, in my experience.

3.) DLC 4: Lovable Rogue needs an increase in fire rate to be viable (5 fire rate would be my suggestion). Blind Sage hits like a wet noodle. Also wouldn’t mind if Septimator Prime got a minor dmg buff.

I’m not going to comment on all weapons that need buffs because I’m sure gearbox knows but I will highlight a few of the worst performing weapons in the base game:
-Creeping Death
-Rebel Yell
-Scorpio XL
I think these weapons need a Lob/Hellwalker style buff tbh.

4.) Hustler class mod for Zane in DLC 4 is post-add crit making it pretty useless and not viable. Change it to normal crit please. 100% dmg at peak and a general 10% dmg boost throughout is not acceptable for a competitive class mod.

1.) Can we look at the mission reward items (items we get from [side]quests that can be found in Earl vendor) and change (some of) them so they can be anointed? This goes for some of the unique drops in the world such as The Ice Queen. I love the Ice Queen and even though it’s not super strong, I still would like an anointed version because it’s fun to use and I’d like to use it outside of normal mode.

-Complicated fixes:
[These are fixes that would be nice to have but would require changes that would take a lot of effort to implement]
1.) Weapons with on-kill effects like the breath of the dying and Kaos could be changed to the way the Blind Spade has been programmed (debuff on hit, kill activates the on-kill effect while debuff is still on them) in order to avoid things like DOTs stealing the kill effect.

2.) Rework the class mods that get no use. Gearbox has the data, they know what is not being used whatsoever. Dragon, Elementalist, Rakk Commander, Friend Bot, Cold Warrior, Shockerator, Techspert, etc.

3.) Although I don’t think this will be possible to implement, a procedural generated ‘dungeon’ with a random boss at the end. I’m sure you’ve heard it being brought up and I don’t realistically think it will be doable, but it’d make for a great endgame activity.

1.) Zane is complicated and I’m sure most of the team is not excited at the idea of having to re-work or re-balance his skill trees or his class mods. Zane is beloved by a great majority of the community so I know it’s a touchy subject to go in an mess with things, but I think it has to happen. There is a lot that can be done and a lot of re-works that I think are necessary but I am not going to get in to a big list because I think ThiccFila_ is pretty on point with his suggestions as well as many others. My general thought/suggestion would be to change the seein’ dead class mod to be a capstone skill instead of a class mod. Maybe capstone of the new purple tree? Hell, a single point skill somewhere near the bottom of green tree would be fine. If that doesn’t sound good, maybe a buff to the duration of his action skills in general by say 100-200%, making seein’ dead not so necessary. This doesn’t mean his other class mods are fine. I think nearly all of Zanes other class mods need a buff, change or tweak. I obviously don’t have the answers, but these were some of my thoughts.

Again, these are just some of my thoughts I wanted to share; something I like to do seasonally. It’s easy to read in to things with a negative tone behind them but I want to say I typed all of this out in one go and to let me know if any of the language is too harsh or comes across as negative. I want this to be a positive post- I’m not here to complain. I think the gearbox team is doing a better job than any other game company that I have witnessed and they deserve to be commended. I wish there was more time in the day to concentrate on fixing all the minor things, but with the new year I’m sure the team is going to experience an increased amount of pressure going forward. Things take time and time is often not on our side so I just want to say godspeed to the gearbox team going forward and I hope you guys know that the community, even when it doesn’t seem like it, is on your side. Keep your head up and know you are doing an exemplary job, paving the future for gaming.


Oh boy. From the top of my head:

  1. Make the catch-a-ride stations remember your car part choices consistently. Most of the time it just doesn’t. If you manage through some black ritual to make the damn thing remember your parts you can be sure it won’t remember them again if you want to swap to another model (such as Jetbeast which forces you to swap if you go between DLC3 and any other areas).
    1.1 Make the DLC3 catch-a-rides some separate entity from the regular ones so you don’t have to always go picking parts when you decide to visit or come out of DLC3.

  2. Button configuration woes. Changing your keys does not change menu or vendor quick keys. Traveling between areas in a car you have to press E instead of whatever your bound use key is. While on a turret mouse2 is ADS and you get off by pressing E, no matter what your chosen keybinds for those things are in the settings.

  3. Lots of dialogue / echo repeats that shouldn’t happen. Freddie in DLC1 says hello every time you change area. Ashfall peaks and the statue if you’ve done McSmugger, a couple of others that I can’t remember right now.
    3.1 While not exactly the same thing I’d personally love it if the Narrator in DLC3 wouldn’t keep talking on repeats of the last boss. Minor but it does get a bit annoying as it’s redundant as you’ve already beaten it and know what it does. Go home narrator, the story’s done.
    3.2 When squeezing (talking to) Balex in Sanctuary he always repeats the line from the story quest about kicking GenIVIV out. You’re also unable to talk to him more than once per visit probably due to the same bug.

  4. While on map screen if you hover over POIs, there will be a pop-up telling you what it is. If you ever hover over a fast-travel station those pop-ups don’t appear anymore unless exit the screen and come back into the map screen.
    4.1 If you mouse over a fast travel station on the map (not the side), it locks you into that fast travel station. You can no longer hold mouse 1 to turn the map camera around as that will start to teleport you into that fast travel station.
    4.2 Please make the map screen always align with north being on top when you open it.
    4.3 Minor thing but if you open the map right after zoning into an area, your crosshair will appear on the screen. If you place a custom waypoint, you’ll have one on your map and one in the center of your screen on your crosshair.
    4.4 For some reason you can’t place custom waypoints in Ashfall Peaks.
    4.5ish You can’t fast travel while you are in a car. You go to map menu, back out to planet submenu, back out to galaxy submenu, go into another planets submenu, go into an area submenu and pick a fast travel only to find out “it’s unavalaible right now”. Just… yoink me out of the car please. Also I can’t help resist saying the map/fast travel with all the submenus is clunky AF. A lot of the menus in this game are not user friendly in the least.

  5. Please make NPCs during “follow X” objectives run to their next stop instead of you having to practically push them where they need to go. I don’t need them babysitting me and I much less want to be babysitting them.
    5.1 Lorelei gets stuck on the stairs in Meridian Metroplex with the objective saying either “follow Lorelei” or “talk to Lorelei” (forgot which). If you carry on she’ll finally move and you don’t need to wait for her at all but either her pathing or the mission objective is obviously working wrong there.

  6. Wildlife Conservation side mission can get permanently suck because a stick of dynamite spawns on the cliff that you can’t access before collecting all the dynamite. Once it spawns there, there seems to be nothing you can do about it.
    6.1 I haven’t run into this myself but apparently the Ride to Ruin mission in DLC3 can also get permanently stuck somehow?

  7. While changing equipment with mouse clicks the gear quite often just refuses to change for no particular reason.
    7.1 While on the equipment screen if using arrows to navigate to the backpack side, the game will almost always scroll you to the bottom of the list. Would greatly appreciate if it made you point into the first slot instead of the last.

I had a text doc with a full page worth of bugs and oddities I found on my first playthough alone (I had to reinstall OS so lost it) but those come to mind right now.

Woodblocker and Masterworks Crossbow are in desperate need of some love.
Woodblocker damage is pitiful and I’d like it if the burst was a lot faster. The delay between the bursts is also a tad long but the first 2 are the big ones.
X-bow should be the most damaging sniper in the game due to single shot per mag and arcing bolt. It is pitiful right now. Also would appreciate if this thing was a scopeless sniper or had a unique scoping system as using ADS with regular scope makes it really hard to predict the arc.

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Totally agree with the crossbow. Needs a hellwalker style buff as well.

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When selecting one of your characters, Marcus’ descriptions of them that he says when you originally create them keep repeating whenever you mouseover one. This is rather annoying. As far as I know this bug only exists on PC.

It’s the same on console as well.

Here’s a suggestion: change the “immune” text to a simple 0 damage number. We can have guns doing 4 different elements at the same time in this game with anointments, all 5 for some guns.

Then whenever an enemy is immune to one of them this happens and it is pretty annoying. Can you find the crit spot? And this is still kinda tame, it gets really bad when you have multiple immune enemies side by side and you’re hitting them all.

On a sidenote the pet healing numbers are completely irrelevant too. Hell, I don’t even know how much 34k is. I don’t know their max health or current health as the game doesn’t tell me (and doesn’t need to for that matter, that’s not a complaint, just further pointing out why seeing this is useless).

They aren’t overly obstructive but they are pointless. I know the pet heals when I shoot things and their health bar which is on my screen at all times is where I’ll look anyway if I need to know how they’re doing.

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I would like to see them actually fix my console from crashing when I play their game, considering it is the ONLY game that does it.


It is for me! Especially with Mayhem scaling, I really hate that we have no idea what the stats of our summons/pets are. I’ve said this in the past, but while other games expect you to uncover things on your own Borderlands often times intentionally lies to you and withholds information. I’d really love a basic stat list for pets and summons when we mouse over them. Just tell us how much health they have and how much damage their attacks will do. They already have action skill damage listed so really we’d just need health…

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Can we get the D.N.A. added to that list of underperforming weapons? It’s a damn M6+ drop after all, it should be viable above M6.

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I can definitely understand that. I’d like to know their stats in the skill tree page too, but I don’t need them on my HUD and don’t mind them not being there. Heck even if those numbers were added, I still wouldn’t need to see the pet healing numbers floating on my screen as I still would have to look at the pet healthbar to know how it’s doing and I know it is healing without it being shoved on my screen :smiley:

Something I would wish regarding that healthbar for it to be bigger. It’s kinda hard to see at times IMO.

pretty much
guns like shreddifier or faisor should be buffed by an ice cold 200-400%
you spend 200 bullets to do what other guns do in 10-20 bullets
<.< and when i say at least 200-400% i mean it

Shreddifier fell off and needs a good 50% buff, faisor shotgun mode is pretty good on moze or w/ any splash or elemental buffs. DNA is laughably terrible, needs a 500% buff.

baby, the dna is a gun i almost forgot exists, and nah the gun needs a rework like the lob…
the shots need to split way further to be more like a cutsmen and then also need a % dmg buff

some guns are just poorly executed, and to think they have a whole team working on guns only

Look at my poor boi the carrier.