Future DLC charecters

Do touch think gearbox in the distant future might add some new charecters to play as. I know or heard about them saying no DLC charecters. But I feel like that might be due to all the bugs and such as well as the future DLCS as priority over charecter DLC as well as it being to early to introduce someone new.

I feel like if we actually do get one it will be more towards the time frame of kreig around 8 months I think after release and not so much gaige who was 1 month.

I do believe we will get one or two, but I believe it will come out after everything they have planned is done and over with.

I’d hope for a new siren with commander Steeles power. Phase blast would be my choice. Siren made phase turret would be one tree, phase blasting which let’s you shoot energy blast from your hands. Phase aura, a large area of effect around your character dealing continuous damage and giving you increased damage to anyone in the area of effect.

Another idea is for a nomad.
One tree could make him good with rocket launchers and have him duel weild two of his current rocket launcher. One tree could be a shield that he pulls out which could do increased bash damage as well ass other buffs. And the last tree he could throw out 3 different tinks. tink(chance to build turret), physcho tink, and a little nomad tink(shield and gun).

If you have any ideas for a DLC charecter I’d love to hear them.

we need a playable Moxxxi

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She wouldn’t fit in 3. But would certainly fit in another presequel.

Give me Tannis. Obviously doesn’t work in 3 cuz she’s an NPC and part of the story so it’d fail miserably, but ooooo a technological siren sounds fun af. I’d have loved to play one.