Future DLC for The Pre Sequel?

Does anyone know if there will be any more BL:TPS Campaign DLC? Or will there be no more DLC due to the 2K Australia being put out of business? I could really go for further TPS storylines, it makes the game much better.

since all of the DLC for the season pass is out and they haven’t said anything about future DLC by now I think the consensus is that they’re done

claptastic, like TTAoDK, cost much more to make than they should, because they were fan pieces. Fairly certain there won’t be anymore DLC.

All hands on deck for Battleborn and I expect a few are working on BL3 since they did announce it a while back. Not enough people playing TPS to invest in a DLC. I think they are hoping a decent break between TPS and BL3 will bring a lot of fans back.

Not likely since 2K Australia was fired I believe.

pretty sure the actual dlc is done in house.

DLC from BL2 was from other companies, well, at least the last ones were.

meant the big ones, not headhunters

That’s likely it. No more 2K Australia, got everything for the season pass, TPS was not meant to be the scale of BL2, and Battleborn is their main focus at the moment, not TPS.

2k Australia was dissolved, which sucks bc 2kA was the only AAA company in Australia.

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I’m quite thankful 2K Australia will never be involved with anything Borderlands ever again. They didn’t do a very good job. The humor, the accents, it didn’t work. I hate seeing people lose their jobs, and I’m sorry to see a company dissolve… but man am I glad they’ll never touch the franchise again. They may have hurt the franchise far, far more than they helped it, unfortunately.

the humor was fine, pickle grated on me, but the worst was the backtracking.

I wouldn’t say they will ruin it, But I agree that some of jokes weren’t funny Example is “Nothing is never an option” but there where funny moments I have to say, and the accents were okay… till Eliza came… URGH! Her voice actress did a better job as Felicity. Eliza was so annoying… But anyways, 2K Australia isn’t what ruined TPS, They never took the opportunity to use the full potential of TPS. Sad they didn’t make the second dlc story… makes me kinda angry honestly.

Just so you know, the accents and humour were GBX’s idea, not 2Kaus. They followed orders from their bosses over at GBX.

Most of what was in the game was simply fan requests; the moon, the space station, the double jumping, the lasers, the grinder, playable Clappy, and playable Jack were all at the request of fans.

Hopefully, GBX has learned one thing from this: NEVER listen to the fans - they don’t know what they really want.


claptrap was all randy.

That explains why he’s grinding on my left leg, then…

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Well, of course. Satisfy one group, anger the other. Be complimented for listening to the fans or be ridiculed for the same reason. One side will be happy, one will be pissed.
The only thing they have in common are being fans of the same thing but they couldn’t be any more different by themselves.


TPS was a solid game. Really enjoyed Wilhelm… But man the end game is sooooo baddddd.

How so? You still have respawnable bosses and etc, I think TPS is still a lot of fun mostly cause I play with my boyfriend its just the massive lag and the constant freezing is irritating and ruining the fun. Though BL2 isn’t much better.

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I suppose there just isn’t that much to do unlike BL2.
Here you only have two DLCs with new areas and the first of those is just an oversized area with admittedly good loot. The other does provide quite a lot of content, especially with glitch guns and a tough final boss.
There are also only 2 raid bosses (if we count Eclipse and EOS) and neither of them actually have exclusive loot to them besides the Sentinel’s skins. The rest can be found elsewhere.
There’s also the Mutator Arena which is probably the most difficult challenge to do at Level 9.
But what else? Most of the good loot can be found in Vendors or even grinded and there are no Pearlescents to be found which required farming specific enemies (and sometimes TOO specific).

That’s how I see it at least. It used to be much worse of course but compared to BL2 with 4 Story and 5 HeadHunter DLCs, Digistruct Peak and 8 Raid Bosses there isn’t that much to do unfortunately.
I can’t really judge how people play the endgame for themselves though, just looking at it from the sidelines. And I am suuuuuuper lonely.

Also, now that I have an excuse to bring this up: You two really have that avatar couple thing going on. You Marta, he Emil and wasn’t it Princess Sapphire and Almaz some time ago? Very cute :3