Future for borderlands series

I really loved borderlands 3 but I think they missed big on the whole villain aspect the calypso twins story just feels to dull. Like with handsome jack his story had a really good backing to it. His story was juicy full of deep meaning. I do love the dlcs for bl3 but them to have no drive the story line is just to cheesy and boring the speech to.

I really wish in some way if there ever is a borderlands 4 it has a villain like handsome jack with a good story line good details and better speech that has more meaning then bl3. Like in bl3 you open like 3 vaults in 1 game but in borderlands 2 it took you the whole game to get to the vault.

Just my thoughts please get back to me I got good ideas for the games future.


It’s very difficult to understand Troy/Tyreen’s motivation in BL3. Even without TPS story, I think BL2 did a great job at telling us why Handsome Jack does the stuff he does. I still don’t understand why the Calypso twins are the way they are despite knowing their origins and replaying the story 10 times. They taunt you just like Jack, but lack the depth.

At times it does feel like their taunting is trying to catch-up to Jack. For BL4, I’d want to see a villain that’s good in their own right, rather than an echo-spamming ■■■■■■■ again.


Hated everything about BL3’s story…

I really hope they’ll make BL4 and say BL3 was some alternative universe…

Not that I’m going to play it after this debacle…


Some of my more recent thoughts on BL3’s shortcomings regarding narrative:

Directors Cut should: - Borderlands 3 / Borderlands 3 General Discussion - The Official Gearbox Software Forums

I think that BL4 might revolve around a war against the Eridian Guardians, who have gone rogue and are looking to either take over the universe or destroy it (or both). This would then be the big war that the Watcher was warning the Crimson Raiders about during the cutscene at the end of TPS. The same war that will require all the Vault Hunters (and Sirens) that humanity can get their hands on. We will then get to see the “seventh” siren, who could be the leader of the rogue Guardians or just some sacrificial character that the plot requires to appear and then die (or whatever).


I just hope BL4 goes back to the atmospheric feel like BL1. BL1 felt like you really were on a barren planet with danger around every corner.


They’re planning a future?

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I kind of hope they leave the borderlands franchise alone forever lol, because you know, almost EVERYONE from the original borderlands games left, we have people involved with the story leaving, people from software development, from direction, actors… every single field, and that’s why BL3 sucked real good, and for bl4 we can expect even more of the original team leaving.


I always say that the problem with the Calypso is that they are not evil, if you think about it, Tyren only kills bandits from her cult mostly, and Troy kills Maya by accident. So yeah, they end up looking like wannabe bad teenagers.
And honestly, nobody said it, but I’ll say it, Typhoon just make things worse, his persona is just to comical to deliver the dark past monologues for the twins origin, if they had used a more serious character to be typhoon, maybe that part could’ve redeemed the Calypsos

That’s really the problem. They lost too much know-know. They screw things up that were already perfect in BL2 and you start wondering why. It’s like a different dev team made BL3… oh well that’s actually the case. Barely anyone who worked on BL2 is still working for Gearbox.

They waited too long. BL2 released in 2012 and it took them 8 years to make a sequel after the massive success of BL2. Why !? 8 years - no wonder nobody of the original devs (who made borderlands 1+2 great) are left. They pretty much all moved on.


Unfortunately the reason most left was not time based, and that’s why it is a really bad thing…
Randy Pitchford is a known dick, people left in bad terms with GBX, we can’t expect for them to come back, and we can’t hope different for the rest that are still hanging (at the beginning of 2020 it was said that gbx wouldn’t give the devs the promised bonuses even though bl3 sale was a huge success, just so you can have an idea)


Oh yeah it’s well documented. Randy Pitchford is a terrible human being if you ask me.

Attempting to make a quick buck off of the mass protests over George Floyd?


Making one that doesn’t crash consoles would be a good start.


Lol…what future?

For me anyway, with 6,000+ hours for BL2 via Steam, BL3 as it now stands is pretty much a one run-through experience.

So, what future? I can’t see them making a BL4 any better than BL3.

From the way people talk on the forum Ava is going to be the future of borderlands and all the hate for that character it could destroy the fan base from buying any future borderland games .

I don’t see myself buying anymore borderlands games I don’t care for where the story is going and the new vault hunters are lacking ( looking at you moze ) and this mayhem nonsense all it did for me was push me away from the game .


Wish I did some research before getting this pile of crap…

I bought BL3 purely on BL3’s legacy…

And now I will never buy anything from GBX ever again…


Whaaaaaaa? Moze is the best. Get where you’re coming from though.

That said, I’d buy a fleshed out version of arms race that had various skill tree customisable versions of Mecha as Ults. All it would need is multiple arenas, Mecha, bosses, pilots, balance And probably some PvP.

It would make for a diverting Borderlands spin-off game.

According a “ahem” recent poll , 2020 BL3 Twelve Polls of X-Mas, Zane is currently in the lead with 34% of the vote and Moze is a close second with 32% (Moze is my personal favorite, FYI). :wink:

Eh…we all learn our lesson sooner or later. GBX just gave us the much needed wake up when it comes to preordering and first day purchases.


I main moze myself and for me it felt without teddy bear she had nothing .