Future Gamers thread

Let’s see your minions future gamers. Train them well. He’s already well on his way.

I have a cousin who is 16. He plays Axton.

(This may be stupid, but my two cousins and my two younger brother also play BL2 xD)

your poor cousin :frowning:

Yeah. And not only because he plays Axton (my younger brother also plays Axton), HE HAS VAINILLA BL2!!!, no DLC’s, no OP levels and what is worst… HE HAS NO KRIEG!!!

He’s here next week. He’s going to taste the bloody hatred.

I have two nieces and a nephew aged 6, 7, and 8.

They f**king love scribblenauts.

And what is wrong with Axton? Stern look.

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blech, ORDINARY soldiers. might as well play COD. i thought about buying scribblenauts, i think my son would like it. though I am buying mario maker. the day it comes out. because its ■■■■■■■ mario world making.

Uhh, explosive builds? Blowing things up with Torgue weaponry? Swordsploding everything and living through the encounter because of grit?

@Dacheat This is one of 'em Axton trash talkers you wanted to know about :P.

Nothing. Just kidding you.

Let’s try to not to derail the topic xD

Your standard, ego-centric unlikeable douchebag.

No kids, and no cousins or anything that play BL, atleast for was far as I know. Don’t have any brothers or sisters either.