Future ghalt changes

Ghalt is the only “controller disruptor” in the game and while removing the stun on scraptrap for a slow is a step in the right direction away from assassin, I don’t think it is fitting for a character with those class names or his position in the battle field to get a flat 15% damage increase.
That damage increase is only going to have one of 2 things happen:

  1. enemy runs away but Ghalt does so much damage that it becomes critical to chase out of optimal positioning and and trade for kills. That doesn’t seem like Seasoned Vet. Captain Ghalt to me. Or…
  2. the target has a get away option such as phase gate or nullify or stealthstrike and gets away.

Instead I suggest giving him a 2 second silence on the hook. Either standard at the start or through helix.
If it were to come from the helix I think the best fit is to replace “hookshot” in level 4. This way you have to choose between speed/range and a silence. Also if you still want the damage from the hook “drain chain”(which does almost 3x damage as “hookshot”) is at level 6.
Applying these changes still gives him some level if control even if all his traps are destoyed. And Ghalt needs that backup plan mentallity.


Would the silence be applied at the end of the animation or the start? If the start, then it’ll be basically be gone in time for escapes to be used

At the end, also It creates a flat two seconds instead of counting in the range of the pull.

It could work like rath mutation, hook Marks and trap trigers the silence.

I hate hook range… they stop mid way because resons!! Is kind of pointless if they stop right before they land in your trap.

That’s exactly what I think that will balance him. We can accept the remove on the stun if they give us this silence on the hook.

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Thanks, hopefully someone on the dev team at least tells us why this was the less optimal option

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