Future Mellka rework hinted at in AMA

(The Red Bar Observer) #21

Hey, I use alt melee all the time… for that sweet flying elbow finisher. :stuck_out_tongue: I love getting kills with that thing, and it’s beast for critting Varelsi in Face Off!

One of the problems Mell has isn’t just that some of her helixes are bad, but some are so strong it’s actually hard to think of plausible alternatives. For example, Refined Canister - are we ever not going to take this? It’s just such a huge DPS increase. Parting Gift - how can anyone ever pass up such amazing wave clear at level 2, when it is crucial to our levelling pace? Eldrid Rhythm - max health is the strongest stat in the game for her, we get an amazing 300 of it, and this is her only passive defensive skill… so what could possibly compete?

Take Adrenaline Rush. It’s not hard to see ways to buff it: it gives less hps than a freaking grey syringe, and it has stupid pre-conditions that could easily be halved (don’t require venom, or don’t require melee - one or the other is fine.) But Eldrid Rhythm gives a superior stat, especially because regen is reduced by Wound, so you’re never going to make Adrenaline Rush a better choice.

When I think about her broken helixes, I try to come at it from a perspective of what she lacks… and most of the things she lacks would make her OP if she had them. Like I love the idea of putting CC effects on venom, but silence on venom would be craaazy good. (Yeah, I know Beatrix will likely be spreading silence like nobody’s business, but I don’t aspire to compete with broken tier stuff, haha.) A stun would be too powerful as well, because she could just crit that Blade Launcher and never miss a kill.

I realize that I’m probably way too “honorable” when I say these things, because stuff like Hawkeye and Blink Storm and Pillar Storm exists, and giving Mell a silence or a stun doesn’t even compare. But we both know she’s good. I’d love some variety, I’d love venom to be a more dynamic and creative mechanic. The trick is giving her variety without it either being OP on one hand, or a gimmick that she sacrifices her present best helixes to gain access to…

Either way, I really enjoy reading your ideas!

(Neb) #22

Hey, i think that the silence and Slow both need a bit of a fall back too, hence the little time of effect and Venom immunity for 3 -3.5 seconds. Enough to hurt but not be op.

P.S, I have played < 3 beny matches, 3 Kleese matches, No ambra matches (at launch) , No ernest or Alani Pre nerf, and No KU, and the Algorithm once as rath at release. I also played one match with my once main S&A and can’t feel the same now. These characters are too strong imo, And I DO NOT want Mell like them. I just want another way to make her usefull, and more fun.

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Funnily enough, Ambra used to be my second main, but I tried after her first big nerf (because everyone kept talking about how weak she was, which got me interested) and then dropped her again after her big buff :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m planning on returning to Reyna as my go-to support secondary after the Winter Patch.

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(Neb) #24

I have begun playing more Thorn recently, might become my Main once I finish Master of Deande. I finished Master of Mellka last week after playing her for 40 matches. So yeah, might main Thorn for progress.
Fav BB list is as follows:

  1. Mellka
    Super fun.
  2. Thorn
    Love the bow playstyle, and is lots of interesting moments.
  3. Deande.
    Super lowkey, great at doing the assassin role and getting away with crap.
  4. Pendals
    Fun to mess around with
  5. S&A Pre-Buff and when returned to a honorable state.
    Sorry if off topic, but I think I have added enough to quantify this. :sunglasses:
(Neb) #25

Btw, only started playing Mellka December 18. I wish I found her sooner, but less than a month Mastery.

(The Red Bar Observer) #26

I only have one main and one true love. I have, I think, ~640 matches now as Mell? I don’t get to play this game as often as some, because there’s been long stretches where the game just didn’t even exist in Australia. In fact, before Quick Match and the removal of Elo, the game was more or less dead for a stone cold month… unless you were able to jump into a premade and play Incursion.

But when I am playing, 90% of the time, I’m spikin’ it up.

She was my second mastered character, after Reyna. Was within the first few weeks of launch. Still have used her lore legendary only maybe twice. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Neb) #27

Yeah, maybe her fix will make the lore leg usefull? I think that she is the funnest character I have played, and considering the effect Bows have on me, I would love her even more if thorn wasn’t here. That said, Thorn is awesome, and personally really fun. I kind of wish there was an archer in game with a focus on trick arrows. But thats another post away from happening.


If they remove parting gift by any means they should expect the same level of anger/bitterness/all around annoyance that those orendi fans were like when let’s bounce was announced to be removed.

I can’t believe you said they could take it

how could you

(A euclid-class anomaly) #29

Let’s be real, if they stripped Mellka of everything except her melee, Air Stall and clothes Eden would still play her every match.

On my part, I’d be even more annoyed if PG bit the dust, unless they gave her something exceptional to compensate. Because at least with Orendi losing Let’s Bounce, it wasn’t the crux of her kit and didn’t define Orendi’s playstyle, it was simply a subsect of how she was played. Parting Gift on the other hand is so crucial to Mellka that taking it away would leave her helix completely crippled except for Air Stall and Improved Canisters.

(Neb) #30

I can’t believe you’ve done this… :cry:

I guess it would be worth it. But that would be an Insane nerf to a weaker character. Better give some better things to make her decent again

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(The Red Bar Observer) #31

Cool your tempers, fellow pissed off Eldrids, and stop quoting me out of context :stuck_out_tongue: I only mentioned Parting Gift to emphasize how much I love Air Stall. If I wasn’t aware of how important it was, it wouldn’t have made for much of an example, would it?

(Neb) #32

Don’t worry, just had to do it with memes. It was all a joke. But seriously, how do you use air stall? I can’t figure it out for the life of me. Do you use it to jump backwards and run away? How? I need to KNOW!!

(Keadron) #33

Use it to fly :slight_smile: was hoping @EdenSophia was still going to post a vid to show it but have to wait :frowning:

(A euclid-class anomaly) #34

You use it mainly for mobility, especially since looking down while Air Stalling gives you vertical movement. A sort of mini claw lunge that doesn’t burn your escape. It’s handy for putting space between yourself and a melee you don’t want to fight, but you should ideally be using it to gain extra height to move around, and erratically while fighting someone to make yourself a hard to hit target + get a little extra damage if you also nail them with it.

Unless you’re fighting Kleese, then you can use it to Air Stall right off a cliff.

(P.s don’t actually do that.)

(The Red Bar Observer) #35

Yep yep.

One thing to consider about Air Stall is that it really can be used effectively on cooldown: if you’re already bunny hopping (no regrets) then you might as well be Air Stalling as well. It extends your jumps either vertically - an aggressive move, to get better crits and launch canisters over waves - or laterally - a more defensive move, to ensure that you can’t be easily tracked. It makes the basic bunny hopping style of Mellka much more effective and way less predictable. If you simply bunny hop, a good opponent will adjust to your movement and actually get better head shots as they expect you to bob into their sights at regular intervals. If you Air Stall as well, you’ll test their reflexes and their nerve.

Rarely my excessive love of Air Stall gets me into trouble: I died tonight stalling back into a minion wave and then getting body blocked in it, for example, because I didn’t realize my own wave had come up behind me (Outskirts tunnel, enemy grinders.) But more often than not, it saves my hide over and over again. This is why I prize it over even Parting Gift and Refined Canisters.

Air Stall also “nudges” you over geometry and allows you to perch on edges, so it’s an important skill to weave into your flying as well. Mellka can’t glide like Benny, but she can purchase considerable hang time, and you can and should land bullets and canisters from above. Air Stall helps you extend those opportunities.

Once you get accustomed to moving about the map with a mixture of ground slides, Air Stall pushes and leaps, and basic bunny hopping, it seems to your enemies as if you’re omnipresent and attacking from every angle - this is why people tend to describe me as “psychotic” in my gamestyle, haha. The artistry of playing Mellka is not how you kill with her, but how you move with her. There’s such a thing as Eldrid rhythm for a reason.

(Keadron) #36

Show is better than tell… as you would say to Mellka. Seriously even if it isn’t for a guide or filled with how to a vid of your play would go a long way in showing how to move.
Sorry couldn’t help myself

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(The Red Bar Observer) #37

I often wonder what context would be best for that. There’s no point showing red bar footage (I can make it work, but it’s not representative of her optimum performance), and I can’t remember the last time I got green bar and a fair match-up that made footage worth recording and keeping.

I can get green bar by recording a private match, but that seems kind of indulgent and silly somehow, as if me stalling onto geometry on Coldsnap or juking around bots/friends is going to prove anything. :confused:

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(A euclid-class anomaly) #38

If I ever get into a match where I’m not desperately searching for an Ambra to kill as Galilea, I’ll try and record a decent Mellka match if I can. Maybe after the update I’ll get some decent playtime.

(Keadron) #39

As I’m on red bar I personally would find the red bar more helpful. Just how you play her is more important than what connection or best match up

(The Red Bar Observer) #40

Well, I’ll likely be having a marathon session after the patch drops, so I’ll record matches as I play them and see if I can piece something useful together… I’m sure @Whitethroat can do better though!

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