Future MP:Beta Patches!

From what I remember they were a perfectly accepted tactic in the ladders (probe bombs that is). One mans exploit is another’s tactic.

I also don’t recall the battle ball being an exploit in the original Homeworld, just a rarely used tactic, mainly because it was not so easy to keep that center ship from being killed.

It is well and good for Bitvenom to say it would be an exploit in HWRM, quiet another for him to say it was in the original, which I don’t think he did either.

As has been stated before, what is and isn’t an exploit is decided entirely by the developer and NOT the community, no matter how well accepted or not a feature/exploit is. Design decisions and gameplay mechanics are made by the developer, no one else and if something is not working as they inteded it to work it is a bug/exploit that can be changed regardless of what the community thinks of it.

Forceuser gave quite a fitting and well written explanation on why that is the case, so could we please drop the subject of what is and isn’t an exploit? since we have no real say in this anyway (regardless of how many copies of a game we own ;)).

Well I mean there’s ideally at least some kind of collaboration between the community and the devs and if you look at these forums, and look at the absolutely amazing work the community and the devs have done so far with the multiplayer mod then yea, working together is super important.

But I guess part of that working together is understanding when and why certain mechanics and exploits get cut and why others are adjusted. I mean the kamikaze thing for example, I remember there was a LOT of discussion around that. The devs really wanted to keep it in the game and keep it both a valid tool without making it an exploit. It was pretty funny when like what, 2 squadrons of Vygr assault craft could wreck a mothership but that was a bug that got quickly fixed and fine tuned with the help of the community. You can either hinder the devs or help. If you’re hindering then well, it kinda sucks for the rest of us.


I totally agree, I just wanted to point out (again :stuck_out_tongue: ) that this is voluntary from a developers perspective and we as owners of the game have no legal claim/right to demand a certain feature/exploit to remain in the game as some people seem to believe they have. Harmoniously working together to improve the game is of course beneficial for both parties and as you have correctly pointed out this is in fact the case for this community (or parts of it, I personally can’t claim to contribute to anything other than occasionally writing walls of text xD) and I am super happy that it is the case, but it requires an understanding from the users that their input is voluntary feedback that should (and in this case IS) considered by the devs.

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You do know thats exactly what brakes the die hard HW1 fans hearts? Hence my comment about it that its either giving the middle finger to hw1 or hw2 fans. But hey… I do hope they have found a way to combine the squadrons into a large wall and make the sphere formation useful in guard duty. If the devs want to kill the old evasive scout battleball thats fine I dont mind about that. But sphere should still be useful for guard duties.
What I mean here is building them by squads and making them behave by default as they do in hw2 is perfectly allright. But… if I happen to want to use them a bit differently I would really really appreciate the ability to do so. Perhaps taking what was good about HW:C battleball and use that? That was in no way an evasive thing. But it had a ton of firepower.

Hello, i’m sorry if this has been asked before in the topic but will these changes also apply to the single player as well? It’s very frustrating to not having formations work as they should in HW1 Remastered. Also is there an ETA for when this patch would come out? Any information would be much appreciated.

the patch should be very soon, from the indications I’m getting.

As far as I know having these changes effect single player was one of the main aims of the patch and if I were a betting man I’d say that’s partly why it took so long to get the patch done (All that testing yo)

I might be misunderstanding you, but why are you upset with HW2 races using the squadron system when you’re a HW1 player?

Yes you are missunderstanding me. Im not upset Im just worrying about how its going to work. The formation issue aside If these 2 games are to work together in multiplayer so we can play races from different games in the same match then its not a good thing that the hw2 player can just replenish lost fighters by docking whats left of the squad and the hw1 player without squadrons cannot. Thats pretty much what Im thinking here. As I understand it has to be squads for both or no squads. But hey… again. Perhaps they have a workaround for this.

@quarrytfl, this thread will answer all your questions on formation :


Oh nice thank you :slightly_smiling:

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Yeah. That’s simply what I was trying to put across to others in so many words.

Most things aren’t easy fixes because they require complete redos to rip out the questionable decisions that were made with the HW2 engine to begin with.

And that’s not necessarily fault of the HW2 devs. It happens with everyone. You don’t know exactly what capabilities and architecture you need at the start, and are adding things piece by piece.

Considering the rise of high quality indi games I think the major advantage many modern games and devs have is the very robust engines available like unity. I think this might also have spoiled us gamers a bit since we get to have things like DoK or Battletech and those games will be a lot more malleable both form a modding perspective as well as a development perspective. End of the day, large parts (less so now :wink: ) of HW:R is still relatively old code.

DoK and Battletech?

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Yeah. As much as I’m a little disappointed in DoK, Unity games tend to have pretty fantastic modding support, which could make it a lot better especially after a price drop.

so yea is this possible with scripting in homeworld yet?

now the real question is if the AI can intelligently use these or be hinted with a script that is Multiplayer compatible

In trying to write AI gamerules… I am using sobgroups to group together AI for (attack defense guard, etc)… but i find when trying to emulate how a human would play that the sobgroup functions don’t do a clean “attack move” or “patrol”.

Who is incharge of HW:RM patches these days? Is it even getting or will it ever get any attention or is there a top secret project going on that a HW patch isn’t worth looking at at the moment?

If you are talking official support, the game has been dead for well over a year now, there is however an unofficial patch by @Cloaked and others which addresses most of the issues Gearbox had left the game with. I’m 99.9% certain that we will never see another official update for the game though since not even an official member of Gearbox has set foot into this subforum for over a year either.