Future of Bl3 UVHM & or OP Levels

Having Mayhem mode on makes TVHM pointless, in previous BL games u needed to complete game on a harder setting to progress further through the game with level and higher loot etc, now with Mayhem Mode on it defeats the object, in return making people play less and basically skip hours of gaming and for what to get bored sooner and move on to another game or franchise, it was a bad move on gearbox’s part unless they make it so completing UVHM in future is required to level up further in game and posible OP levels the game its self will be a huge let down, and il have no need to want to play it, Bl2 people complain about the system but it was great it dit lead to more hours of fun and iv put hundreds of hours into it

Add uvhm with a new level cap at the very least don’t allow previous difficulties with and without mayhem to progress equally shortcuting the game.

Make it so TVHM story 100% is required to start UVHM difficulty.

Apon completing UVHM allow people to enjoy further endgame activities and levelling


Make Borderlands great again! :ok_hand::+1:


Forcing people to multi playthroughs in order to reach endgame is the worst idea ever. There is no point adding UVHM, cause Mayhem is the endgame. They can change TVHM to be more difficult, but adding further level is not a solution.
Most people would be happy to jump to max lvl on different character right after you finish story once. Forcing them to do 12 playthroughs is the opposite.
Right now you have a choice, you can use Mayhem right away or start TVHM, everyone is happy.
Having choice > not having choice.


I disagree with you 100% @GrzesPL Bl2 was the most successful for a reason and I put in hundreds of hours, progressing further is always a choice and that’s why people still go and play Bl2 over this failed game, think about 99% of other games out there that require one to finish on multiple difficulties to play the harder setting it’s always a choice and it’s a choice I’d like to make and again that’s why BL2 wins best game that had 6 characters so that’s 6 x 3 (18) play throughs so I don’t wanna hear that lazy rubbish, also worth noting dlc is not required for several playthroughs and the game can be speed run in less than 2 hours stop making excuses for laziness and accept its a good idea, the mayhem mode needs a chill like only allowing so many buffs per play through.


Also another thing is people who decide to put in more time and play further should be entitled to an extra level cap or prestige type of gratitude that is visible to other players why shouldn’t the person that’s gone the extra mile get extra credit and recognition? Well answer me that.

There was a massive drop off in number of players between NVHM and TVHM, then another going into UVHM, and then yet another going into OP levels. And that was before the cap was raised to 80 7 years after the game came out.

IOW while some (such as yourself) really enjoyed the challenge of grinding through all that, the majority didn’t.

So, from a game developer/publisher perspective, the question becomes "How do I keep more players interested for longer?’ Folks can argue about whether Mayhem 2.0 along with the existing trials and take-downs are successful in that regard (there’s certainly plenty of activity on those topics in the forums!) But the principle of getting to end-game faster and having a wider variety of things to do there seems sound enough to me, anyway.


TVHM is a choice but what does it really give us?

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If they brought back UVHM, I’d literally quit playing the same day.

There is zero chance that I want to go through the story that many times on multiple characters.


So you don’t have too nothing says you have to do it but rewards should be there for those that do bother, there will be a uvhm anyway that’s why it shows a “new” notification on the difficulty once u complete TVHM they just haven’t implemented it

No one has to do it but what is the point in having TVHM then if it literally does nothing If people wanna go further and for a posible endgame let them and get on with it, personally I don’t care if you don’t want to play it if they do for me I don’t care for a game that is too easy even on Mayhem 10

Not having regions locked at lower level for those who play with mayhem off.
That’s about it. There use to be a difference in element effectiveness vs normal, shield and armor with mayhem off but I think it was dropped somewhere. Not sure.

While this is true. I think BL2 and BL3 are different beast. In BL2 you really needed to know at least basic mechanics and where to get get what gear that was suitable for UVHM. What kept me out of high OP level with most character wasn’t the level difficulty but the Peak. I had my main, Axton at OP 8 because I had help from friends doing it. The other ones stayed around OP3-5.

Personally I miss UVHM. I would rather deal with an all around higher difficulty than the randomize mayhem modifiers. But yeah. Asking players to run the story 12 times is probably not a good idea. Even thou I have no, or very little, problem with that.
BL3 offer more versatility in builds. There’s more Legendary all around even if you’re not “connected” and know every guns and where to get them. UVHM could provide a better challenge for the casual player who do like higher challenge without the need to unlock OP levels with each Vault Hunters. Thus making it easier to farm gear with one character and swap it to a “lower” one.

If the choices come down to UVHM or OP levels. I would go for UVHM hands down.


Oh, right, you don’t have to do it, you’re just not going to get the rewards that people that do it are going to get.

Why not… and this is just spitballing here:

Spend time creating more endgame content, instead of balancing enemies for UVHM.

Grinding the story, and all 4 DLC’s AGAIN is not fun. Why would you want to do that?


With UVHM would come another level increase, therefore you would have to play the story again in UVHM or you would be God amongst ants in TVHM at the new level cap.

Edit— I was hoping someone would whip up a rebuttal referencing Mayhem scaling with level which makes UVHM redundant anyway.


I’d like to see a classic mode without mayhem scaling, lower legendary drop rates, and a more linear enemy scaling curve so that purples still have a purpose. If that mode is UVHM, sure gimme. But don’t force me to do 20 hours of campaign to enjoy it.

I like what they did this time around with TVHM, as pointless it may seem. It’s optional, and not forced. It was bareable to me on BL2 because the main mission and most side missions were fun to me. I can’t think of a single side mission i really like in BL3 and up until recently they didn’t even unlock a named spawn for a unique drop. But, i actually do start new characters on BL3 every now and then, but it’s mostly for the sense of progression, not the missions(i zone out during every conversation lol). And again, it’s optional.

They don’t need to add a new tier though, TVHM is already there and it’s no different to normal other than it lets you reset the missions. They could rebalance that instead or something.


Not necessarily. It doesn’t have to.

Most games these days allow players to rush to endgame. Warframe leveling takes maybe 30 minutes in Hydron and starchart takes maybe a week depending on how fast you do the missions, most MMOs you can finish leveling in a week, Diablo 3 you can finish in an hour without playing the story at all, etc…

I liked playing through the game multiple times, but that was BL2. Games now are designed with the intention that the endgame is all that matters (you can just look around the forums and reddit to see a representative sample that hardcore players do care about endgame above most else), so the story is neglected and often not fun to playthrough. I’ve completed the campaign of BL3 and grand total of 1.5 times over the course of 500 hours, and have no intention of finishing anytime soon.

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I don’t mind if they add UVHM for the masochists as long as you’re not forced into it to finish any extra leveling.


True enough, but in order to do it properly there are many things that must happen. Personally, and I’m sure I’m not alone, UVHM will not renew or invigorate my interest in BL3. Stability, self-harm, load times, on/off switch for Mayhem modifiers, amongst others are on my list… certainly not UVHM.

Edit for Mayhem ‘modifiers’


^^ That.
That, or rather the lack of, was the major reason I took a long break. Couldn’t cope with the flavor of the week with all the rounds of buff and event around the Cartel and mayhem 2.0 drop.
I like just playing the game. Not having to farm this or that. Probably why I don’t mind multiple playthrough as much as others.

Do question myself thou. People want more and more contents and at the same time keep saying gamers only care for end game. Kinda fail to see the point of having more stories to play if all you do is farm the same map/boss for that elusive perfect drop.


I just platinumed the game 3 days after the release in September 2019 after that the game was boring dlc comes out I 100% it in a day or so cleaning up extra trophies along the way, I want more endgame that’s all I ask the game itself is only slightly better than the presequal Bl2 will always reign champion because of the endgame. Giving those that want to go the extra mile to earn op type leveling guns with out the ability to skip straight to 10!


Might not be the same people, though. Don’t want to simplify too much, but I suspect people who enjoy progression, gameplay, and variety in their experience will lean into more content, while min-maxers might want stable endgame above all.


What they need to do is allow you to reset each DLC individually and the base game… It’s kinda silly if you want to replay the DLC’s and have to go through the main campaign all over again.