Future plans for updates/hotfixes?

after borderlands tps was released , ive not seen a single patch anymore (except the legendary drop increase hotfix) there are still plenty remaining bugs like deathtrap (mecromancer) is still recharging enemies shield most of the time. , claptrap is getting stuck sometimes when you need to hoist him with the lift… , enemies being stuck in walls floors or rooftops very annoying when you do arena fights. , uvhm is so bad balanced to the amount of players in the game. enemies health recharge rate for example is still rediculous high even when you play solo in some situations its just impossible and frustrating , it is way better balanced in tps , players losing their save data… , and so much more…
was about to pre purchashe battleborn but after seeing the lack of support we are getting now for bl2 , i probably will not.
first i want to see a proof that this game isn’t being left behind…

I doubt many more bugs will be fixed at this point. I would like to see the drop hotfix implemeted properly though.

The only things I’d like to see on the next (and possibly final) patch for BL2 are the legendary drop rate hotfix being made permanent and maybe a fix to the drop rate of the skins you’re supposed to get from the Hyperion Assassins. I also want them to give everyone the “lost” character skins, such as Dahl Efficiency and that other set of skins (like Shadowy Warrior, for the commando) that you can’t get in game anymore. I have never experienced any of the other problems you mentioned to the extent some people freak out about. Enemies and NPCs getting stuck is a very rare occasion for me on Borderlands 2 and when it happens, it’s never a game breaking moment. I don’t think balancing in UVHM is actually that bad and I hardly even notice the health regen on enemies. When I see people complain about the health regen, I sincerely don’t know what they’re talking about. I never lost my save data, ever. I never played Gaige or Maya, though. Those are the two characters I see the most people complaining about synergy and scaling problems in their skill trees, so I wouldn’t mind seeing fixes to those problems, even if I don’t play them.

The bottom line is, the game is 3 years old. We should be happy to get any patch for it at all at this point. If most of the minor bugs haven’t been fixed until now, it’s either not possible to fix them or they never thought that stuff actually needed fixing.


And for that matter also fixing the drop rate for the Emperor and possibly the Storm Front (this is an assumption based on the horrible Emperor drop rate as the rats are pretty much the same minus broken skin). The Emperor’s Assassins probably never got the hotfix due to having a different Legendary Loot Pool compared to those that were affected by it.

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This game will likely never see another hotfix or patch in its lifetime. It would be nice to get the increased drop rate patched in and maybe a couple other little things, but I won’t hold my breath. They’ve patched and fixed this game quite a bit during its beginning and the prime part of its lifecycle. Only natural that they’ve moved on to other things.

And why would they patch uvhm? They made it exactly how they wanted and that’s that. The health regen, balance and supposed ‘impossible’ parts is not a problem and mostly hyperbole. Regular old uvhm at level 72 is not hard except for a couple certain raids and sections of the story…and that’s how it’s supposed to be. Health regen isn’t hard to deal with. I would think that people swear that enemies have moxxi weapons the way they talk about enemy health regen.

OP levels can be much harder, but are optional and therefore not an issue. Seems to be working as intended IMO.


I’d just like all the problems with Gaige fixed.

If not, at least give me a hotfix that allows me kill that stupid robot of hers when someone else is playing her. He’s worse than the enemies…( though I love how he can magically add a shield to my RR Maya, lol ).

And maybe try to fix the gear that’s been broken/misprogrammed for ages, like the OP8 Hoplite.

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you don’t see that enemies health recharge rate in uvhm? lol ok
my problem with that is actually that the enemy’s health recharge rate doesn’t change/scale to the amount of players in the game doesn’t matter if you play alone or co-op. very annoying when you are lv 72 because the higher the enemies are the faster the health is recharging (not going to talk about op8 , i think op lvls are made for playing co-op).

I’m being 100% honest with you here. I play solo, at level 72, in UVHM and I sincerely hardly ever notice the enemies even regenerate health. It was never a problem. The enemy health regen rate really isn’t as fast or as unfair as some people seem to think it is. I’m sure a lot of other people here can back me up on that. If it is that much of a problem to you, to the point that you can’t kill anything because of it and you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle, I’d really recommend you to reconsider your build, playstyle or gear choices.


Yep. Stuff is dead before any regen occurs. True story.


It’s there, but the only time I ever really notice it on OP 8 is with Buzzards if I can’t kill them quickly. Most other things fall rather easily no matter which character I’m playing.

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No matter how weak or strong the enemy health regen may be, it hurts fast but weak weapons while slow but powerful ones are barely affected, if at all. For the weaker ones this unnecessarily increases the amount bullets needed to kill enemies while there’s pretty much no difference with the powerful stuff.
That’s honestly not really good design.

Now of course if you build your character really well that won’t be much of a problem still. However, we certainly aren’t everybody. Especially with the Handsome Collection several new players got fresh into the game who may or may not want to experience UVHM and quickly end up being intimidated by the new features. It’s like you’ve been bathing in hot water all the time and suddenly you end up in the freezing one. Quite a shocking surprise.

Honestly, with the vastly improved UVHM in The Pre-Sequel, it would be nice to see that version retro-actively put into BL2 (less health bloat, no/marginal Slag buff, no regen, way bigger Badasses, better scaling in general that lets shields actually block damage ect), with the “original” UVHM of BL2 preserved as a Digistruct Peak option. There’s currently no happy medium between being stuck with slaughtering hapless, under leveled TVHM enemies and being shoehorned into using specific burst damage/Slag builds in UVHM. Its a pipe dream at this point, sure, but with the Handsome Collection exposing so many new players, it’d be nice for those that are adjusted to (and prefer) TPS’ endgame.

What do you mean by Digistruct Peak option? Do you mean having BL2 uvhm difficulty limited to only the Digistruct Peak?

If so, no thanks. Level 72/OP0 is easy enough as is now and gets extremely mundane when you have lots of really good gear. That would be horrible.

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I remember seeing a post from someone of GBX (can’t remember where) where they do mention a final patch was in the works.

Only have to say: I hope they do the same thing they did with Jimothy, bring back Raving Retribution lines but as a skill.
(Dreams are free xD)

Sorry, bad phrasing on my part. I meant making current Lv72/OP0 into its own separate option in the OP toggle, and adding a toggle in for the TPS-styled UVHM that can be selected in lieu of the current UVHM. Not restricting it to the Peak area, but making it an optional difficulty the same as the OP levels and making the TPS UVHM the “default”. This way, everybody who prefers the less difficult scaling get an enjoyable endgame, and those that enjoy the harder endgame that exists currently need only toggle it back.

More simply, make Lv72 vanilla and OP0 separate options, with Lv72 being TPS UVHM, and OP0 being the current UVHM.

If you’re on PC, shoot DT with the Tunguska and then drop gun with [-]. Friendly fire, ho! Or just do that to Gaige herself…

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