Future references for Borderlands 3

Now I know this isn’t prolly the right place for this, but blast it couldn’t figure out where else to put others, so if so it’ll be moved. But to the meat of this post, what I love about the borderlands franchise is that they are fans too, and they sneak in their love for their favorite things into the game. And I just want to share some of mine, how it would be umine and the flavor text, and hope you all would share as well.

Vladof pistol - high fire rate “Shoot first and apologize for the mess later” - Star Wars.

The bogella prolly has this covered but a shotty that curses and asks if you like dags “Do you speak Pikey” - Snatch

Should Bl3 have laser weapons, one that allows really only had 1 shot in 1 clip form ((think the golden gun from goldeneye had that)) but it open a “tear” forcing the baddie out of the realm. “get the girl, wipe away the debt” - Bioshock Infinite.

Got some more but if this post is gonna die before it starts no point going on, but love to hear your all’s ideas.