Future Skill Trees for FL4K?

Ok so this is me including you guys in the Forums since I usually stick to Reddit.

But anywho, Gearbox said they were thinking of expanding or adding new skill trees instead of creating new Vault Hunters. That means if they add a fourth tree, that means a new Action Skill. But that also means a new pet for Flak.

I think that Saurians would be great.

Which leads me into my next thought, FL4K’s three trees basically sum up to:
Hunter: Using Hunter skills to dominate your prey
Master: Buff your pet
Stalker: Make yourself Hard to Kill

I think FL4K could use a bruiser tree, just going in people’s face and decimating them. Maybe have some bonuses to Melee damage or having some stuff to work with Rough rider.

But that’s my thought, how do you want Gearbox to address the new skilltrees?

That’s easy. IF they give FL4K a 4th Skill Tree/Pet, they’ve gotta give us a FLYING PET, 'cuz the Rakks aren’t cutting it. Give FL4K a Bloodwing, or a beefy Badass Rakk, or even a flying Saurian (a DRAGON, perhaps?) Whatever the case, a 4th Pet needs to FLY! :wink::+1:

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Varkid pet

They have a chance to avoid FFYL and instead go into an indestructible pod and evolve

No. We already have a Spider-Ant, and one Bug is plenty. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still waiting on my new PSU, so here is a half baked idea for a new skill tree.
Fl4k, the Butcher

PS dont take it seriously.

I like the saurians , but FL4K already had 2 melee pets and 1 gun pet. I think another gun pet is needed.
Maybe a saurian with guns?
A NOG as a pet would be even better.

A fl4k rider tink would be awesome.