Future Skins Video

Not sure how many have seen this video but some of the skins shown here look freaking sweet

Some are very cool.
I’m a fan of this game but honestly it seems like the skins only show properly during Select.
(Once we’re in the game that outline negates them.)

Ghalt’s zombie skin looks like something I am going to be using a lot.

From the look on them it seems they are Tier 2 skins.
not sure if this is correct but it seems the tiers go like this:

Tier 1 skin: color change
Tier 2 skin: Clothing & accesories ( mostly just a pallet swap)
Tier 3 Skin: Might be a completely different look for the character.

I don’t see how tier 3 would work. They said they don’t want to change characters’ hitboxes, so perhaps tier 3 is just animated or glowing.

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this one: <3


I heard about but I thought it was fake. I’ll just wait and see I guess.

let’s hope they are real, Those Halloween themed ones look awesome

Yes and maybe they’ll get more detailed too even if it doesn’t change the hit box or maybe it will much later it will like smite t4 skins.

They could still change the character while having the same hitboxes. For example maybe a more futuristic Toby where his mech suit looks more LLC or something like Eva’s mech suit (from overwatch).

I really want to see some T3 skins even if they do have to change the hitboxes. A little hitbox change doesn’t make or break the character. Halo for example has had smaller hitboxes on the female characters for a while now but it really doesn’t change gameplay much.

i don’t know why but i see a “dark-disney goofy skin” there :joy:

I should probably check my eyes

Benedict, you can now express what everybody already knew…