Future Story Ops - Lets Have Some Fun!

Hey Guys! Let me start out by saying that I love this game so much. With the release of Toby’s Friendship Raid (my favorite character btw), it got me thinking…since we only have three more DLC Operations left…which characters do you think they should follow? What kind of story would you like to see? It was already mentioned that the next one would be an Oscar Mike centered mission so…what about the last two? I’m curious to know what the community would like to see…so maybe post which character you want to see the devs expand upon and maybe come up with your own scenario?


Hate to tell ya mate, but the last 3 have been confirmed:

  1. Oscar Mike’s Battle School
  2. Montana and the Demon Bear
  3. The Heart of Ekkunar

BUT in the event that they do operations AFTER these 5, I’d really like to see something around Boldur and the forming of the Woodsworn. Thoughts?


They have?! Well there goes my topic xD Thanks for the heads up! Personally I would like them to dive deeper into Orendi’s backstory. She doesn’t seem to get enough love in the game (story wise). Although the devs mentioned the mystery of Orendi is apart of her appeal.

And having a Boulder Op would be great…although honestly, any character would be great …

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We can still discuss characters we want implemented into the next dlcs. For example: whiskey better be at OM battle school. Or he needs to show up in one of them for gods sake…

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And I want Oscar mikes battle school to have a time-trial target shooting range.

That would be actually really useful, especially if it was just at the start of the map and it was repeatable. Be handy for training aim.

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I would like to see the world Alani/Pendles are from…although I cant remember if it was destroyed or not…A water-centric world would be quite different than what we are used to seeing: forests, ice mountains, gothic cities, space ships


I’ve been curious about that as well. I also want to see some more detail on Galilea’s mission to destroy the Sustainment engine, would be another interesting one on Tempest.

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I’m pretty sure that their planet got darkened, but even if it wasn’t, the Sisters did toast everything in it so…

But! Nova implies the simulation room can simulate everything. Maybe Alani and Pendles get together to relive old memories of their homeworld?


Oh! That’s right…Galilea infiltrated Tempest…that would be awesome! Maybe one that follows El Dragon’s/Isic’s tour of the inter-galatic wrestling tournament :smiley:


Or how about this one - a story from Ernest’s point of view of the evacuation of the Aviant system (Menneck-B)?


I’d love to somehow explore the ship NOVA, maybe see what the other BattleBorn are up to before something randomly bad happens

NOVA: someone has taken the one coffee pot that Oscar Mike hasn’t broken yet! Bonus Ops points for finding the thief in the next five minutes.

Oscar Mike: I tried to make ramen and broke everything!


Mellka and Whiskey compete to impress Deande by challenging each other to ludicrous feats of explosive violence. Eventually Whiskey takes it too far by attempting to single-handedly storm a loyalist Thrall fortress with active nuclear device strapped to his forehead. I have no idea where I’m going with this, but I’m pretty sure the prize for 100 ops point is a cut scene of Mell and Deande kissing.


I would like to see stories that involve Alani, Miko, Kid Ultra, and Kelvin.

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Uhhhh… That would be… odd. Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t Foxtrot and Deande canonically dating already?

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What if they are? It always puzzles me when people act like Deande and Whiskey, having gone on a date in the lore, are effectively an old monogamous married couple, haha.

I suspect the BB are rather less traditional than “one date, one night together, now we exclusively belong to each other”


From what I’ve read of Foxtrot’s lore (haven’t done Deande’s) they seem to have been dating for a decent while. I could be wrong though, and you make a good point - when the last star is dying, you don’t really have time to mess around.

Let’s be direct: they’re regularly having sex. There’s nothing in the lore beyond that. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Rogues (Reyna, Whiskey) had sex lives that would make Captain Kirk blush.


Yeah, there are a few confirmed relationships between the characters (e.g. Reyna and Ghalt) and numerous unconfirmed ones.

EDIT: Derailed thread is derailed.

And all the confirmed ones are hetero, so pick up your game, GBX :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps in an exciting future story DLC! Hey, we should totally all speculate on what one of those might look like…

(smooth save, right?)