Futuristic DMR weapon?

Hey guys, can you give me a tip for some precise strong hitting semi-auto weapon with middle range scope? Some Jakobs ARs provide this but I would prefer futuristic look of the weapon. Do you know about some legendary with these attributes?

Futuristic look is going to be Maliwan or Hyperion.

Few of their SMGs are semi-auto, shotguns aren’t what you’re looking for, so we’re considering pistols and sniper rifles here. Hyperion doesn’t make pistols, and Maliwan’s pistols are… kind of semi-auto (and outside of Melter-types, I don’t think they’re the most futuristic-looking pistols). Orange rarity only… :thinking:

Tankman’s Shield (almost any Legendary Hyperion Sniper Rifle, really, even a Woodblocker)

Storm, ASMD, Soleki Protocol, Complex Root (almost any Maliwan Legendary sniper rifle as well probably fits this bill)

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