Fwaming Dwagons v Vibe Scrim

Great game vs Vibe. Very close and fun game.

If there is a video there, I cannot see it. It may be because I’m on mobile, but I’ve never not seen it before, so just figured you should know.

Fail @asiahmillertime

lol there is a vid. It’s a twitch highlight it’s there for me @hockeyswede31

Doesn’t show up on my end, maybe cuz I’m on my phone, idk.

Yeah must be why :frowning:

Yeah it’s still not there so idk

I opened on my computer and it was there.

Okay cool. @asiahmillertime , could you link it in the post?

try this

Still shows on comp but not my phone @asiahmillertime

yeah doesn’t show on my phone either. much just be like that with twitch highlights.

Can you give a link that takes you to the highlight page or does it automatically try to put the video in?

Yeah it automatically puts the video in…the reddit link might work

Yep there ya go

check this out @hockeyswede31

Yeah I quit, lol.

LMAO…waiting for him to reply to me with source.

Your reply with the source is in the original thread.

Thanks buddy