[FX:Galaxy] The Ultimate TURATRON

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, the Great Sawtooth Mountain™ ruled the universe. With the overwhelming strength in hand, his control was never questioned as every single particle flowed into his command.

Generations passed,civilizations changed, more and more grew tired of the G.S.M.™’s ruling. Thousands of worlds witnessed their silent travel among the stars only to seek a way to put a stop to all this.

Finally, with all their efforts made, a miracle showed up. The kind childrens of Sajuuk discovered an ancient relic. Deep inside the ruin was a single NAVAL MINE™ that would change the course of their history forever. In the mine was sealed the Great Power of the GUARDIANS, who only answers to those kindness. A severe battle was fought. Utilizing the Great Power, peace was finally established.

For eons, life was wildly spreaded among the whole universe. Yet, deep inside the vague corners of the world, DARKNESS has risen again. With the GUARDIANS gone, distant worlds collapsed as darkness crept up among them. The new Tyrant finally reveals itself in front of the peaceful world - It is honorific entitled as “the GEARLORD”, the successor of the G.S.M.™.

But the kindness among the stars shall never bend. Together, their heartful calls have brought us a new miracle. Even that relic can no longer be found, its powerful strength has come again.

Here comes our new Ares.
Here stands our hope towards peace and prosperity.
Here rises the one that brings justice.


1: Turatron has a height of 15,000 meters and weights 90,200,000 tons. It possesses the Ultimate Power Core “The Heart Of Universe”. As long as Light remains, he shall never fall.

2: Turatron is equipped with the hardest known armor which won’t fail in extreme high temperature and pressure. It’s self-repair capability ensures the Turatron’s regeneration in tight combats.

3: Turatron’s right arm is the Super Drill of Universe that tears matter apart in basic-particle level.

4: Turatron’s left arm generates the Hyper Shield of Universe that make everything else within range VANISH in normal space. It also fires the Oblivion Cannon of Universe which can annihilate giant star with a single shot. As long as Light remains, the Oblivion will be able to recharge.

5:Turatron has another huge ANNIHILATOR Cannon of Universe that REMOVES any matter within nine-dimensional universe.

6: Turatron’s conventional drive includes a basic FTL engine with the speed of 3.0c. It may also transform to anywhere within the four-dimensional universe instantly if wanted.

7: Turatron’s speically-designed inner space has compressed multiple dimensions and offers anything in need for 8 billion people’s living. Even in ultimately-rare cases that the Turatron is destroyed, all the kind people will be teleported to their HOMEWORLD and their kindness and passion shall bring The Heart Of Universe back again.

The End Time has begun. Only the power of the Great Turatron can bring peace back to the galaxy. But its opponents won’t make this easy - especially for the BADASS TAIIDANUS-PRIME. What will the fate of the GALAXY be? Stay tuned for the upcoming FX:Galaxy!

Opps, and the main stuff… Happy April Fool’s day;)!



Ahaha, hilarious! I actually got fooled there for a second

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