FYI: 2/1 in Experimental Munitions description bugged?

Hey guys, just thought I’d throw an FYI out that if you run a Marksman mod with +1 to Experimental Munitions and are already skilled into it (2/1), the tooltip still says +10%. I did testing and it’s around +20% instead. The tooptip seems bugged.

Just in case people were dismissing this mod, I thought I’d make a post, don’t know if this is common knowledge or not.

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Oh, cool. I ran that mod for a while even after I got the natural point because I couldn’t find anything better. Glad it was helping!

So one point is 5% and the additional point from COM makes it 20%? Are you sure about that? What were your testing parameters? Did you remove any possible terror anoint, bullet absorbing effect, or forge?

Nevermind I’m an idiot looking at the wrong skill.