FYI Ernest nerf incoming


We commented on Galilea last week with her tweaks. We wanted to let the Winter Update settle before we continue with her. But yes, Galilea needs more attention.

Ambra and Kleese are super-strong in those two modes. We’ll watch them, but they’re not quite at the top yet.

Ernest will get an unlisted micropatch tomorrow, reducing his core grenade damage by 20%. This is mostly a stopgap to reduce the amount of unskilled blanket AoE he can cause. We also want to see how Beatrix affects his meta, but we have a few ideas of further ways to bring more skill-play back in his damage loop.


9/10 not enough nerfs.

It’s about time! Nerf Ernest to the ground!

P.S: Benedict needs more nerfs.


Another slap for PvE players

cries in a corner

I agree that he needs his cheesiness taken down a notch, but 20% damage reduce? That’s terrible. I personally think that they should have (or should in future) reduce his blast radius - it encourages players to be more accurate, reducing the “noob toob” nature of his attacks but still rewarding skilled players.


I always thought the best idea (it’s mine so of course it is best) is to significantly reduce his AOE damage but increase his direct hit damage and don’t let it share the direct hit damage. So each direct hit does say 150 but the AOE damage is around 70 or something.


Are you serious?

All this does to PvE players is slightly increase the time taken to kill larger enemies (which are still going to get shredded by direct hit and the ol razzle dazzle).

This will not have a significant impact on Ernest in PvE, compared to the absolute need to nerf him for PvP balance.


Love it. I don’t see any point sugar coating my feelings here: Ernest was ruining an entire game mode no less than the Marquis sentry snipe nonsense did back at launch.

His damage will still be top tier. Anyone watching the damage dealt by a switched-on Ernest (and it doesn’t take a very big switch) could see that a 20% nerf still would leave him as a top tier wave clear.


Wut? Ernest isn’t bad in PvE. He’s amazing; even with a 20% nade nerf, he’s still going to be a powerhouse damage dealer and support character thanks to his egg.

Nerfs happen. Deal with it, seriously.



There you m8. Now you aren’t so lonely in the nerf department (gali can’t be that fun to talk with).

…Well I’ll report back from a 100 Ops run in the Toby dlc and let you know how it went.

…Back at’cha :wink:

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Are you trying to imply 100 ops is difficult?

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Don’t answer, it’s a trap!


Ernest already trivialised the Attikus op, I don’t see how a 20% damage nerf will be a problem, especially since you can stack triple legendary to make it up and then some without issue in PvE.

Edit: If anything he needed a PvE nerf anyway from how simple the Op was with him.

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Actually, it’s Gali we should have sympathy for, being stuck talking to Benedict. :smirk:

posted on reddit as well

Hmmm I have kind of mixed feelings on this.

The thing that makes ernest so stupid in incursion imo is his no skill spammable grenades flying everywhere for a crazy long distance and hitting something.

If I was to do the tweaks, I would make the range on his regular attach much worse and only slightly lower the damage of it…20 % is too much to me.

This would reduce the long range spam raining grenade lockdown tactic while still keeping him as a solid wave clear.

Oh well. Im just glad gearbox is acknowledging him as an issue.

Benny, gal, ernest,ambra, and kleese. Looks like the devs are acting somewhat intelligent in trying to be proactive in nerfing the OP chars. This is good to see. Hope Orendi’s SFP gets nerfed a bit too. Other than that, the game is looking pretty damn balanced…

now they just need to buff attikus, dragon, and reyna and they’ll be all set :0

I think Dragon’s fine after they buffed his health and passive. Reyna’s getting buffed too. Attikus on the other hand definitely needs it.

As far as the DPS nerf goes, 20% seems slightly too harsh. But a nerf was needed nevertheless, so…

I always thought his DPS was (somewhat) fine, the three things I deem should be changed are;

  • Reduce the size of the hitbox for the grenades (if possible)
  • Remove the bounce on grenades
  • Add a maximum distance for the grenade to travel before it automatically explodes.

If these were to get nerfed, then Ernest would require more skill to use. You have to be more accurate, can’t spam grenades around corners and can’t stay way back behind walls or whatever to hit certain targets at long ranges.

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