FYI- Preorder on Amazon

Total came to $52.55

Preorder price only hits once you add the game to your cart.

Price: 47.99
Tax: 4.56 (Tennessee)
Total: 52.55

Now go get it!

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Is this a sale or are you an Amazon Prime member? Prime gets you 20% off all physical game pre-orders, so any $59.99 game pre-order is $47.99.


I think wise has a Prime membership because I received the same price when I pre-ordered my copies. The normal price is $59.99 USD, the same as Steam.

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Yes, always have been a Prime member since it started.
(Live in the mountains so any help we get is worth the effort.)

We live in the country so we use it too for non-perishable goods and equipment.

Is everyone else’s Amazon Prime showing a release date of 5/3 but a delivery date of 5/5? I also did not see anywhere on the page where it guaranteed release day delivery. Anybody know why this is? I also preordered No Mans Sky and it shows release day delivery guarantee.

Mine shows a delivery date of 5/5 as well. I think they have to assign the DVDs to their customers before they can ship them, hence the different days. That and it’ll take at least a day for express shipping to get to where it needs to go.

Yes mine shows:
Arriving: Thursday, May 5

yea im a prime member and it says est delivery 5/5. But ill glady wait two extra days to get the game for only 51 bucks

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Same here, but I don’t have to pay sales tax in OK. :dukecheese:

But you have to live in OK… hope a tornado doesn’t take your package.

Well, there are drawbacks, yes, but I wouldn’t live anywhere else. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, so you’re getting it for like 47 bucks. Thats damn good for new games.

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Yes it is. I pre-ordered three copies: one for me, one for my wife, and one for a friend we play online with. That and he brings us jerky once a year or so. :dukecheese:

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