GAAHHH! Servers Lore Blocking

I have ONE thing left to do to finish Attikus ’ lore. Won a game on Echelon.
I barely play PVP.
No one seems to like Echelon.
I’m, apparently, cursed on Echelon.
Got the map two games in a row. Guy we matchmade with never leaves the spawn and idles out (thanks d@$!#%*&^)!
Next hanger is a good one. Back and forth, back and forth. My team manages to put together one REALLY good push and almost eliminate their first sentry. After that, we go back to being pinned JUST in front of our sentry, but we’re holding well. So well that THEIR Attikus rage quits. So now it’s 5 on 4, we have the lead, and only about 4 minutes to go. I’m thinking, "I’m good with playing good defense for 4 minutes. "
I get booted to the main screen.
I try to sign in to rejoin the game.
"Battleborn server is currently unavailable. "
Sweet Lord, give me strength. #WastedMorning #TripleXPRunsOutB4IGetBack


Awwwwww. That’s terrible. Especially cuz it’s not like he’s amazing on Echelon. I hope you have better luck next time. Better yet, try this
Someone got disconnected on a match with Galilea and they still got the taunt they should’ve after sending in one of these babies. Whatever you choose, I hope you get it soon

Thanks! I actually gave it another shot and lucked out. Got in with a team that played better than our command ranks: a Ghalt who absolutely OWNED the game, a Miko who kept constant healing, an Oscar Mike who worked GREAT positional control, and an Orendi who harassed and retreated PERFECTLY.
We aviary destroyed both sentries and I got the challenge, the gear, and the achievement after a solid game from myself and my team. :smiley:


Well that does suck. I’m looking for people to play with because no one really communicates in the game and most the time I lose if you want to add me our just want to play my gt is acidhead2011.

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