Gaalsien Production cruiser armour vet bugged?

(Tren) #1

Gaalsien Production cruiser rank 2 vet bonus is +3 armour, however upon getting the veterancy it goes from 5 to 10 armour!?

This means that a few air kills and suddenly the Production cruiser is almost immune to AAV harassment and substantially harder to kill, is this simply an incorrect tooltip or a buff being applied incorrectly?

(RagnaroK) #2

Wow nice catch. That is a massive buff, and it explains how PC’s become ridiculously good when used as light AA in the early game.


Ok, this must be tested, if the PC gets +5 armor buff, it gets ridiculously strong, and imagine the Khaaneph PCs with speed boost, you don’t need AA.

(Tren) #4

I have seen this in game specifically with the Gaalsien Production cruiser, I do not know if the same can be said of the Khaan variant, but definately needs more testing.

(Tren) #5

Confirmed this issue is also present with the Khaan PCs, so what ever the cause it is duplicated on both.