Gad what a grind driving and leveling

i’m on playthrough 2 with nisha. while i love her skill set, the game flow veers in enemy difficulty, with them dropping gear one or two levels above my current state which is kinda useless and annoying when most of my gear is 4 levels below my current state. a lvl 26 jackobs shotty (purple) still kills well into lvl 39, but overall weapon balance seems off.

the imbalences make for tedious gameplay along with the annoying backtracking. it is easier to save/quit simply to avoid the drive.

anyone have suggestions for smoothing this out?

Nope, the backtracking and padded quest design are TPS’ weakest points in my opinion. I just save-n-quit to get to the fast travels, and plan my route through areas so I can complete several sidequests at a time, but you probably do these things already.
Anyway, the Darksiders in Triton flats scale with the story missions, clearing them out is around 15% of the XP bar, and it’s a fun fight. It also features two silver chests.
You can also use shift keys to get on-level purple gear.

Bleh, I want another decent jacob’s shotty. I can’t belive how infrequently they drop. Seems like every other brand and weapon type drops.

It is probably time to go back to BL2 or even 1 for something fun.

Bad news enemies give you even less xp in UVHM than they do in TVHM.

Every Borderlands game has had TONS of backtracking and revisiting areas for quests.

To me, it actually seemed LESS tedious in TPS than in either BL1 or BL2.

People just find any excuse to s**t upon TPS, it seems.

If you are smart about doing your sidequests, you should only have to revisit each area once and you can accomplish all your objectives in an orderly fashion.

might be because tps is not as much fun for a lot of people. i might find back tracking less tedious if the damn game would drop gear i could use rather than one or two levels up. knoxx has long drives, but with tps i find myself constantly hitting the map to orient, more than bl1 and that version is bad. the ambient music leaves much to be desired as well.

Yep. Side quests. It SEEMS as though the game’s scaling in Normal and TVHM was designed with the side quests (and their typical XP yield, as well as that of the enemies encountered there on average) in mind. If you spend a little longer on maps that are at a certain level, you’ll find more loot at that level. Using a shotfun that’s 13 levels old? THAT is a bit extreme. I have to think (and not to insult or criticize) that this means you’re not spending much time at a given level, but more likely zooming through.

Hell, you should be able to put together at least a nice purple level 30 shotfun from Iwajira’s loot drops, if nothing else. Go back to Normal and kill her a few times, and grind up some nice level 30-ish gear.

Go back to your current TVHM run, and do all of Springs’s side quests. Farm the kraggons of Serenity’s Waste. That should all be somewhere around level 32-35, I believe? Triton Flats is VERY LITERALLY COVERED IN SIDE QUESTS. Run a few of those, too. At least one of them has a chance to spawn you a Flakker–you can keep it, or you can grind it up for something else that you actually will use.

Dude. Seriously, if the game’s TOO far ahead of your level, at least in TPS, it usually means you’re not doing side quests. If it’s not far enough ahead, it means you’re doing ALL of the side quests, or you’re farming a lot. There’s a balance. Find your balance.

Find your balance, 8R0-TP…

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People bring up the quality of the music in TPS versys the orher games a lot.

To be emvarassingly honest, aside from the opening cutscene songs, i dont really know the music of the games all rhat well!

For like a decade now, mostly when i game i either have my own music going or TV / a movie / Netflix / youtube going on my laptop, especially when there is lots of repetitive farming / levelling to do!

i kept using the 26 thinking it would fade, but that’s the thing, it didn’t. nisha has some mad kill buffs and enemies taking a 26 purple jacobs shotty to the face just die in one or two shots even at lvl 35 or so. thing is the kragons and the shigguraths are the most boring kills imaginable (easily on par with fallen or hive) i have more fun in wep or lynchwood.

i’ve done all springs quest but the shield one cause the game let me sell the shield. i’m going to have to run another character though for the gear.

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