Gag/prank phone number? Anyone remember it?

Hey all, So I remember a long while ago the devs set up a phone number (can’t recall if it was an 800 # or not) that you called into one of the gun manufactures and it put you on hold telling you you had around 2M people ahead of you.

Anyone remember the number, or know if its still active?
It was rather unknown at the time it felt, and now seems to be nonexistent (or im terrible at finding things).

Thanks and any help would be appreciated :smiley:

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…never heard of this. :thinking:

Borderlands 2, not 1?

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it was around the time of 2.
IRL phone number, nothing in game. just a fun spoof.
As I recall it was posted at the end of a press release or some-such.

Nope, or yup, or whatever it is here that lets me agree with Ada.

Anyone else remember it?