Gaige Anarchy Build (Basically Easy Mode)

This is the link to a mechromancer build that in my opinion is extremely OP. You don’t even need to look at things when you have 70+ Stacks of Anarchy. Preferred weapons to use would be 1-2 Shot Jacob’s Shotguns (Striker perhaps) Or Bandit SMG’s because of all the ricocheting bullets. It’s a very hybrid build, but its extremely effective at taking out enemies. Personally, I have not tried it up in the higher levels, my Gaige is only a level 32 as of right now and some skills are different, like blood soaked shield because its good for shield tanking. And if you have a Rubi, you can gain your health back easily. However, I am aware that in higher levels, that becomes useless. I would like everyone’s thoughts on this. I believe that its a pretty solid build in all honesty.

One point in Interspersed Outburst? Probably not the best use of a point. Its an all or nothing skill, either fill it all the way or not at all.
Evil Enchantress isn’t really all that great without Wires Don’t Talk and Electrical Burn.
One-Two boom does negligible damage at higher levels.
The only survival skill you have is Fancy Math, which ironically only works with low health. Not all that great on its own. I strongly suggest you get Blood Soaked shields.
Discord health regen is ok for gaining health in between engagements, but I don’t think it would be enough to keep you alive during a fight. If you were going to use it for that (hence why you may have forewent other survival skills) I suggest you change that. If you plan to use Jakobs (especially shotguns) at max level, Cooking Up Trouble would be a good investment.

Depending on what you want your load out to be at endgame, you may just want to take all the points after Strength of 5 Gorillas out of the LBT tree and put them into Ordered Chaos. Nth degree is a pretty nice DPS increase and if you feel you need more survivability With Claws can give you health in a pinch.

Sorry if this comes off as a bit abrasive. Its a good template to start from, it just needs a bit of polishing :slightly_smiling:.

This is what I would start with as a base for an OP Anarchy build.

  1. Potent as a Pony is useless in UVHM and the OP levels because of health gating mechanics.
  2. Explosive clap doesn’t do enough damage and it causes DT to stop doing what he should be doing: hitting enemies. Same with One Two Boom.
  3. More Pep isn’t all that great.
  4. You don’t need 400 stacks of anarchy to be powerful. Throwing one or two points into Preshrunk Cyberpunk is enough. Or you can skip it completely.

I run with a Twister, Storm (Wires Don’t Talk), Hail, and a Fibber and do pretty well. I used to use a Hide of Terra for DT, but switched over to an Antagonist instead. I still throw the Hide on when I’m in melee centric areas like parts of WEP and the Caustic Caverns.

There are times when Robot Rampage isn’t all that good, either: watch the rabid stalkers jump back out of range as soon as DT starts his wind-up (which also slows down any eventual kill.) A well-timed and placed singularity grenade would obviously help with that, but I’m wondering if a Black Hole wouldn’t work better under those circumstances? The problem obviously doesn’t apply to all enemies and situations, so it’s not a build-breaker, but it is something to be aware of.

And to OP, Gulf is right about the numbers on IO not adding up. Take a look here:

True, but I wouldn’t skip it for those few times it doesn’t work very well. I mainly used DT as a distraction and RR helps him do that.

A lot of good points. However, for the one point in Interspersed Outburst, whether its an all or nothing skill, It was the last point and I’d much rather it be in that than anything else. Also Blood Soaked Shields is awful in UVHM, especially during OP Boss Battles, unless you have 72+ Rubi, then it could be acceptable. With the Discord skill and Preshrunk Cyberounk (300+ Stacks of Anarchy) would be extremely efficient for health regen. I would most likely be using a 1 Shot Jakobs Shotgun which could keep my anarchy stacks going down at an extremely slow rate. I did have 5 points in Nth Degree, but I changed a few things and on top of that, With Claws is honestly a really bad perk, especially if you don’t go near enemies. That’s what the ricocheting bullets and The Bee is for haha. That’s all just my opinion though.

5/5 In Preshrunk Cyberpunk is extremely useful. I mean who doesn’t like over-kill amounts of damage from bullets that hit everything? The other 3 Points are valid I suppose. The 2 best skills in it are Interspersed Outburst and Make It Sparkle. There are a few other good ones, but not for my play style. I just tried to balance all the skills, but that isn’t exactly how I play. For the most part, though, it is.

With IO, its all percent based so I mean, sure with 1 point in it (It was my last point) it won’t happen often, but it will still happen and any chance of slag without using a slag weapon is good IMO.

Well true, but the odds are pretty low, plus you’ll need to NOT shoot for long enough to get the IO stack back for another attempt. You’ll get more bang for your buck, er, point, if you stick it elsewhere and use something like a slag grenade. (Magic Missile is probably the main “go-to” for slagging in UVHM, although there are plenty of other good options.)